Prize Bond Draw List 200 June 2017

Rs. 200 Prize Bond (Draw No. 70th Announced Thursday, 15 June, 2017) in Karachi کراچی by the National Savings of Pakistan and the Central Directorate of Government in the number one biggest capital city of Karachi on dated 15.6.2017 rupee two hundred lucky draw result prize bond 200 is available in this webpage then the whole population is online free check and download here on this second weekend of June 15, 2017 (Thursday) on 09:00 am morning.

In the Pakistan National Savings will be declared the computerized draw 200 first prize of Rs. 750,000 seven lakh fifty thousand rupees that is a really huge amount and a poor man is can’t not earn this money in a whole life (the gift hamper is giving only one lucky person) and the second prize of Rs. 250,000 two lakh fifty thousands are obtained the 05 persons from the scheme of govt. are starting in the entire province Punjab and Pakistan and now the last third prize of Rs. 1250 are receiving 2394 fortunate people who are getting these cash through this money saving department.

The draw of 200 Rs. Is not only for Pakistani but it is presenting for the anyone should live in our country or abroad each of all people is easily access and purchased the prize bond series in every city of their homeland. The prizebond is not fixing and not any rules and regulations for that each common person and businessmen is buy him for their future life to change throughout the money scheme of savings organization.

Karachi Prize Bond Draw List 200 June 2017 National Savings Updates

Since the 1944 to 45 years about the 72 years ago the foundation is build up for the welfare of the public and now till the working is very good and given a lot of cash money to the poverty kills man and changing their lives from the department of money maker and dividing to the those persons who are luckiest man and have the same numbers who are printed in these rupee 200 bonds it is consisted of 06 digits including a to z alphabetic and 0 to 9 numeric’s are shown in the right corner of the prize bond 200.

The inhabitants of the capital city of Karachi and other cities are residents are easy accessible to downloading the 200 draw list 15/06/2017 and online view the all draw results of all prize bonds of Rs. 100/=, Rs. 200/=, Rs. 750/=, Rs. 1500/=, Rs. 7500/=, Rs. 15000/=, Rs. 25000/= and Rs. 40000/= of our site and the official website at without any problem you can check the latest prize bond draw 200 june 2017.
دوسو پرائز بانڈ ڈرا رزلٹ کراچی کی مکمل لسٹ جو مورخہ پندرہ جون کو جمعرات کے دن صبح صبح یہاں پر اپ لوڈ کر دی جائے گی جس کا پہلا، دوسرا اور تیسرا انعام اسی جگہ پر سنایا جائے گا تب تمام لوگ اپنا پرائز بانڈ کا نمبر فری چیک کر سکتے ہیں۔ جس کا بڑا انعام سات لاکھ پچاس ہزار کا ہے اور دوسرا انعام دو لاکھ پچاس ہزار جو تین بندوں کو ملے گا اور آخری انعام جو بارہ سو پچاس روپے کا ہے 2394 خوش نصیبوں کو ملے گا۔ بائس ورلڈ۔

All the people can check their 200 prize bond list 2017 when the National Savings Organization is updating the complete result of Karachi draw on dated of 15-06-2017 in the morning time for the whole visitors of this association. is regularly submitted the each draws on date in which are issued in the 200 prize bond schedule 2017 for the population can view and free download in pdf file. The two hundred rupee 200 prize bond list 15 june 2017 are holding the full list 200 draw result.

Download 200 Prize Bond List 15 June 2017

Here Full List Prize Bond Draw 200 is uploaded soon!!!

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