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01st April Fool Day History in Urdu|Hadees Wallpapers

01st April Fool Day History 

First April Fool History in Urdu

Fool means to deceive, cheat and make stupid to any other person. April fool’s day means that on this day the people and masses make jokes and cheat with one another. Some peoples called it All Fool’s Day because it is one of the so much light-hearted days of the year.

April Fool’s Day SMS the people of the past and ancient cultures especially Romans and Hindus celebrated and rejoice this day with full of happiness and joyness.

01st April Fool Day Complete History in Urdu

April Fool Full Complete History in Urdu

In the very last days, 1582 Pope Gregory XIII prepared and planned a new and latest calendar (the Gregorian Calendar) especially to replace and restore the old Julian calendar. The new Calendar named for New Year’s Day celebrated on Jan.1. Many peoples of the entire world have refused and cursed to accept this day of April Fool SMS. In the Religion Islam, it is prohibited and forbidden to rejoice and celebrate this day. And Islam Religion does not let and permission and permit to celebrate this April Fool’s Day. On this day the people of the world began to make fun with their friends, families, and relatives. Sending them on Fool’s errands, job, and tasks.

And also attempting to trick them into recognizing something false and fake.  The narration of the starts and origins of First April Fool’s Day was given and supplied by Joseph Boskin is a professor of history at the University of Boston. Kugel passed and adopted an announcement calling for illogicality on that day, and this custom and tradition of April Fool’s Day became an annual event for the European countries and non-Muslims.

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It is common sense that 01st April Fool’s Day is not a good and profitable day but the people of the European countries and non-Muslims and Hindus rejoice and make fun with others on this day only to laugh and make fun with one other. But that people can’t consider and understand that this bit fun and laugh can take the life of any person by making a big fun with a person because some time a person can be in serious mode and may not bear joke and fun.

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