Tuesday , January 21 2020

03 June Federal Budget 2018-19 Salary Increase Detail

03 June 2018 Federal Budget 2018 to 2019

Budget 2018 to 2019 Pakistan the Government of the Pakistan Prime Minister Mian Nawaz Sharif will be increases the salaries of the all department’s workers. Every department employment has many expectations from our PM and the Chief Minister of the Punjab Shahbaz Sharif is also wishing for the employees to increase the pay 10 % to 15 % percents in this punjab budget of 2018-19 in the month of June first week.

2nd Budget of Nawaz Sharif Government the governmental employees want that pay should be increase in this budget of 50 percents of his basic pay. All the sectors, provinces may also wish that PM (Nawaz Sharif) announced the good salaries of all workers in industries and company or other departments and institutes according to the present environment.

According to the news channels, Finance Minister of Pakistan told to the media that in this year 10 % percent salaries will be increase because the several of projects are going too held in the every province in Pakistan. I will provide the latest information about Federal Budget 2018-19 every sector of Pakistan on this webpage at Biseworld.com.

Salary Increase in Federal Budget 2018 to 2019