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Rs. 40000 Prize Bond List 02 September 2019 Draw #79th Result at Multan

Prize Bond List 40000 September 02 2019

Multan 40000 Prize Bond List 02/09/2019 Draw Result

Official The National Savings will be announced Rs. 40000 Prize Bond List 02 September 2019 Draw Result No. 79th Held in Multan Online Check and Free Download at Anyone can get their personal prize bond list 40000 Sep 2019 is paying without any cost because it is totally governmental level draw is established for the people should achieve in their site and other social media websites can upload the complete list easily. All of us are believed in very much the lottery scheme of the Rs. 40000 Prize Bond List 2019 on dated 09/02/2019.

It is the biggest point to dividing the money to the poor persons because in this department the capital is sharing to the others is easy and everybody can get him for becoming millionaire throughout the rupee of the draw of winners.

The bond result is publishing by the many sites and television channels but only one is trustable and correct data is updating when the govt. is announcing like the Kohe Noor 40000 Prize Bond List is telecasting live for the visitors can see and downloading online in this tv channel. Everyone is chasing but don’t win the game because Kohinoor is paying the fee to the office for getting the whole bond draws list so that it was become the first popular television channel to providing the host of the prize bond 40000 02 September 2019.

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Now the National Savings of Pakistan is providing the best facility to the consumers to view the final results with updated lists without any tax pay online the legal site of the prize bond 40000 draw result list 02.09.2019 it is a latest and great way to spreading the all bond list 40000 to the entire community because it is introducing the new electronic system for the good fare of the poor people in which it was showed the 40000 Prize Bond Schedule 2019 where the detail of draw times and cities are mentioned for the help of the customers.

So all the inhabitants can easily see the next draw date and number when and where is declaring. It is a very better and easy way to the people can search their personal bond result 40000 Multan city is coming on 02 Sep 2019 is early up to date in this page especially for the prize bond members.

You know that the prize bond 40000 rs prizes in which the first prize of Rs. 75,000,000 (Rupee Seven Crore Fifty Lac) It is the hugest amount of money is getting only one luckiest man in the world and become a rich man and the second prize of Rs. 25,000,000 (Rupee Two Crore Fifty Lac) it is also the biggest cash money is receiving from the National Savings of Pakistan platform and the third prize of Rs. 500,000 (Rupee Five Lac) are gaining every 1696 persons to achieve this money when their bond number match to the declared final list of bond result 40000.

National Savings Prize Bond List 40000 September 02 2019

چالیس ہزارپرائزبانڈ کارزلٹ جوملتان شہرمیں ہوگااوریہ مورخہ دوستمبردوہزاراُنیس بروزپیر کے دن صبح نو بجے ہو گا جس کا پہلا انعام جو سات کڑوڑپچاس لاکھ روپے کا ہے صرف اورصرف ایک بندے کو دیا جائے گا اوردوسرا انعام جو دوکڑوڑپچاس لاکھ روپے رکھا ہے اوریہ تین خوش قسمت کو ملے گا اوریہ نیشنل سیونگ آف پاکستان دیتی ہے اورآخری تیسرا انعام جو پانچ لاکھ روپے کا ہے یہ سولہ سوچھیانوۓ بندوں کو دیا جائے گا اس کی ساری انفارمیشن ادھر سے دیکھ سکتے ہیں اورفل لسٹ یہاں سے فری ڈاون لوڈ کر سکتے ہیں جو بائس ورلڈ یہاں پر جلد ہی اپ لوڈ کر دے گئی شکریہ۔

Rs. 40000 Prize Bond List 02 September 2019 is going to coming on dated 02-09-2019 the Draw Result Number is 79th is holding in the city of Multan. The National Savings of Pakistan is balloting for the public interest in this page. All the persons can download their individual prize bond list 40000 Sep 02 2019 is without any problem is uploading the full bond result in this webpage for the whole people of the country because everyone is waiting for the current and latest draw result 40000 bonds September 2019 is coming now.

Latest Bond Result 40000 Prize Bond List 02 September 2019



Draw No. 79TH 

Series:  Common Draw                                                                  Date: 02/09/2019


First Prize of Rs. 75,000,000/-

Rs. 40000 Prize Bond List 02 September 2019 Coming Soon!!!


Second Prize of Rs.25,000,000/- Each

Full List Prize Bond List 40000 September 02 2019 Early Updated!!!


1696 Prize(s) of Rs.500,000/-  Each