Tuesday , September 29 2020

Alwida Alwida Mahe-e-Ramzan SMS 2020

Ramzan Alwida Text Messages 2015

Mahe Ramdaan Kareem Alwada Alwada Mubarak Wishing SMS 2020 you can download here at Biseworld.com. Here are come with Happy Ramzan Alwida Alwida Mah-e-Ramzan Text, Messages Collection of 2020.

At the end of Ramzan, all the people are grief with Alwida Alwida Ramadan 2020 and he celebrated this day of last Jumma Tul Wida with the full of gathering and prayers of ALLAH Almighty and all the mosques are full of people.

As you know that the Ramadan is the most important holy month in the Islamic Hijri Calendar and now he leaves him and gives him the gift of Eid-ul-Fitr 2020 for all the Muslims of the world.

Ramzan Alwada Alwada SMS 2020

Tum Pe Lakhoo Salam Mah-e-Ramzan,
Tum Pe Lakhoo Salam Mah-e-Gufran,
Jao Hafiz Khuda Ab Tumhara,
Alwada Alwada Mah-e-Ramadan.



Ja Rahi Hain Woh Ronaqain
Ja Rahi Hain Woh Barkatain,

Ja Rahi Hain Woh Khushyaan
Aaya Tha Ban Ke Mehmaan,

Alwida Mah-e-Ramadan
Alwida Mah-e-Ramada…!!!
Remember in your Prayer.

Sab Ko Udaas Kar Ke Ramazan Ja Raha Hai
Sab Par Luta Ke Apna FEZAN Ja Raha Hai,

Aaya Tha Ghar Humary Qismat Humari Ban Ke
Bheja Tha Jo KHUDA Ne Woh MEHMAN Ja Raha Hai….!!!

Alvida Alvida Mah-e-Ramadan….

Alvida NOOR-E-KHUD, Aey Mah-e-Ramadan Alvida
Tu Ho Raha Hai Hum Se Juda, Aey Mah-e-Ramadan Alvida,

Such To Yeh Hai Haq Tera Hum To Ada Na Kar Saky
Paish Hai Jo Ho Saka, Aey Mah-e-Ramadan Alvida,

Teri Mehmani Me Agar Humse Huee Kotahiyaan
Maaf Kar Dena Khata, Aey Mah-e-Ramadan Alvida,

Zindagi Rahi To Agle Saal Daikhainge Tujhe
Na Rhi To Alvida, Aey Mah-e-Ramadan Alvida…!!!

Jise Bana Dia Har Ghar Ko Gulistan

Chala Jaega Kuch Dino Ma Ye Mehman

Tohfe Ma Day Jaraha Hai Eid Sabko

Alvida Alvida Mah-E-Ramzan


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