Thursday , June 8 2023

Arshad Khan Chaiwala Cafe in London & Islamabad

We have never thought about the news that A tea seller can also become famous in a country on social media etc. See here what is story history behind this scene that how a common man becomes famous in the world. What is Arshad Chai Wala’s biography age family wife date of birth residence occupation and national etc also see Arshad Chaiwala’s pictures. How he opened the restaurant Arshad Khan Chaiwala Cafe in London & Islamabad.

Arshad Khan Chaiwala Cafe in London & Islamabad

Chai Wala Arshad Khan Nationality is Pakistan he belongs to Pakistan becomes famous on social media. Arshad Khan Chai Wala’s age is just 23 years old is very young. Last night news was shared on Facebook by himself that Arshad Khan Chaiwala Cafe in London opening ceremony is going to be held in London soon.

Arshad Khan Chaiwala Cafe in London & Islamabad

It is about 5 years ago in 2016 a tea seller was seen with a great personality like Hero. He was working at a tea seller shop in Islamabad when he was attracted by somebody and his picture was captured due to having a great personality and good looking and shared on social media where his pictures went viral and become trending news.

Arshad Khan Chaiwala Cafe in London & Islamabad Cafe news becomes a trend. He said that Arshad Chai Wala Cafe London is opening Inshallah and this is the first Arshad Cafe in London that will be opened very soon. It is about 1 year since he opened his Arshad Tea Seller in Islamabad and he is going to open another Arshad Tea Seller In London.

Arshad Chai Wala Biography Personal Information

Read here for full details about Arshad Khan Chaiwala Biography and Personal Information. Arshad is his real name and he was born in Pakistan. He has the nationality of Pakistani and is just 23rd Years old. He has the occupation of a Tea Seller shop in Islamabad and now starts in London also.

He also said that so many peoples have recommended I change my name to Arshad Khan but he told his fans that Arshad Chai Wala is his identity which he can not hide and it is reality. Social media has become a very fast and powerful tool to spread news fast from one place to another. Arshad Khan Chaiwala Cafe in London is being opened this year in Inshallah.