Wednesday , June 7 2023

Aurat March Pakistan Revolutionary Day Live Updates Agenda

Every citizen living in this world has the equal right to live in safety and peace. This is the responsibility of every ruler of a country to provide peace, safety, and equal rights to their citizens. If the people do not get their rights so they come out to snatch their rights. In this country, Pakistan Aurat March Pakistan is seen in every big city of Pakistan like Lahore, Rawalpindi, Karachi, Peshawar ad Islamabad, etc. Women’s come out of the house to get their rights.

Aurat March Pakistan Revolutionary Day

Women have started Aurat March Pakistan Aurat March Lahore and Aurat March Karachi on the day of Women’s day. Women’s day is celebrated every for women’s safety and rights. Women want freedom in society but it can be seen that they have already the freedom and rights to do anything and stand with men in every walk of life.

Aurat March Pakistan Rally Pictures

To assemble so many women and people for getting rights is not an easy task. When a community is against any law they come out of their house to fulfill their demands. Social media played a very important part to run this type of gathering.

You can see in the pictures of Aurat March Pakistan that some women are holding shameful and dirty writing charts. This is very bad and shameful news that women are spreading vulgar and dirty images and due to this Pakistan country has a bad impression from other neighboring countries.

Fee days ago a video is shared on social media in which a non-Muslim lady talks about the freedom of Aurat in Pakistan. She said that she visited Pakistan, schools, hospitals, and some offices where she saw that women working are free.

So the question is by that non-Muslim lady what kind of women wants freedom in Pakistan due to which that are creating Aurat March Pakistan in different ways? She said that Are women want the freedom to live naked and hot by wearing attractive dresses. She said Pakistan is a Muslim country where all this is not allowed.

On this, we regret that if a non-Muslim woman can understand all this so being Muslim we should stop this to have happened as soon as possible. The government of Pakistan must immediately take legal action for such type of Aurat March Pakistan.

Aurat March Pakistan Women Rally Pictures 

Aurat March Pakistan Women Rally Pictures. Women March Pakistan Slogan members Aurat March Pakistan Karachi, Lahore rally march pictures.