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Baba Guru Nanak 545 Birthday Celebrate in Nankana Sahib Pakistan

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 Baba Guru Nanak’s Birth Celebrations 2019

Baba Guru Nanak Birthday 570 Celebrated on 17th November 2019 on City Nankana Sahib Punjab Pakistan.

The celebrated days is starting Friday 15th to 18th Monday, November 2019 in District Nankana Sahib.

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Total 10,007 Sikh Yatrees Come in Pakistan.

Total 3 trains come in Punjab from India with 2321 Sikh Yatress (Singh).

486 Europeans Guests come in Pakistan for Baba Guru Nanak Gurdwara.

7200 Hindu, Khatri, Sindhi Guests come in Guru Nanak Mela form different cities like Karachi, Khairpur, Raheem Yar Khan, Larkana and Sindh etc….  

LAHORE – Three days long birth anniversary celebrations of Baba Guru Nanak (founder of Sikh religion) were concluded at Nankana Sahib attended by thousands of Sikh Yatrees, said spokesman of Evacuee Trust Property Board (ETPB) on Wednesday.
He said the Yatrees celebrated their religious rite of Nigar Kertin which was banned in Pakistan for the last seven years due to certain reasons. The rite was sanctioned by ETPB chairman Asif Hashmi and was celebrated by around 20,000 Yatrees who were very happy and they also chanted slogans in favour of Hashmi and prayed for the prosperity of Pakistan and Sikh Muslim friendship.
Addressing the participants, party leader of Indian delegation, Sardar Bahadur Jang Roy said he was very happy with the steps taken by ETPB chief regarding security and renovation. Sardar Gulzar Singh said arrangements made on this occasion were matchless.
Female members of delegations also appreciated the efforts and said they were provided with privacy to offer religious rites and it was unprecedented. Chairman World Sikh Muslim Federation, Sardar Mohan Singh Khalsa from Uk said Hashmi played a vital role in dissemination of message of Sikh-Muslim friendship across the World.
On Tuesday, Group leader of Sikh yatress from India, Dr Jang Bahadur Singh told the media on Tuesday the worship places of Sikhs in Pakistan were being looked after very well by the Evacuee Trust Property Board Chairman Asif Hashmi. He also articulated his satisfaction over the security preparations made at the shrine and the somewhere to stay provide to member of his the public.
“I thank Mr Hashmi for the excellent arrangements made for the Sikh yatrees here”, he said, addition that the kind of rest home they were enjoy here was substantial.