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Baba Guru Nanak Dev Jee (Birthday) 2018 in Nankana Sahib

 Birthday Celebration Baba Guru Nanak Dev Jee 2018 in Nankana Sahib

This time the Baba Guru Nanak Dev Jee (Mela) Birthday Celebarations Ocation is coming on 21st November, 2018 is starting and end on the date of 24th November, 2018 held in Nankana Sahib.

History of Baba Guru Nank Dev Jee

Baburoonik 15 April 1469, Nankan Basheer born in Punjab near Punjab, was born in the house of Bhai; your father was a patriarch, belonging to Hindu religion, the only sister of Baba Gronunn, whose name was B. Nikki was five years old. While in 1475, Jammu went to Sarsalali village, Sultanpur, after being married to Jammu, after some time, even after the intense love of sister, Bahunai lived in the house. Goronic was not like all children, but was different. During his studies, explaining alphabet to the master of the alphabet, he recited his narration Children and teachers present in class will be surprised in the same way, on one occasion, while reading a counting, while explaining the literature, Baba Gronnank had released his school Fellow.

In the childhood of Baba Groonak, the testimony of being priesthood began to meet school colleagues and teachers. According to school friends, many times it was found that Baba Gordonak used to be alone due to rest, even though a piece of cloud from the sky of the state stood shadow on them, even once it was agreed to accept an unusual child. It was observed that when Baba Guru Nanak was living asleep, a cobra snake used to protect you.

Early Education and Marriage of Gronnick

After graduation from early formal education Baba Baba Guru Nank Dev ji, the founder of Sikh religion, somewhat distorted for his ideological curiosity and after the knowledge and wisdom, founded the basis of fundamentalist religion of Tohid and human equality, Baba Guru Nank on 24 September 182 The relationship with the name of Tataan Ji was connected to Azaj, from which two siblings took birth to you, Baba Guru, who is in the holy book of religious teachings, in detail with detail in detail.

According to him, according to the teachings of Sikh religion, he did not consider it as a heavenly book, but instead of teaching his father Runa to understand the best and perfect leader of life, Baba Guru Nanak Dev strongly believed in the integrity of Allah and According to the beliefs, the Creator is the only power of the universe, which is keeping it in full control over system life, according to all you are, the creatures of the same God are living in the same way as brothers and sisters.

 Mojaj is a human claim and philosophy near Baba Gronnik, who belong to the same family The welfare of the welfare and the collective efforts for this peace, near the setting of religion, which cleanse their borders, they are directly religious, but spiritually passing through this experience to plan to meet God Can

Baba Guru Nakak and the Truth Skhi

Baba Guru Nank Dev ji said that the conditions for becoming a true sikh are some of the first conditions, that the acquisition of the law is permissible and the good provision is lawful to all the people in this fifty-eighty-eight and coaches from this world. In Nankana Sahib, you have been built in the birth of today, which will also be done by pilgrimage to knowledge and love, where the book is organized every year – in the night of November full celebration of the moon and in this year the world belonging to Sikh scholars come down on their door to lower their beliefs.