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Bismah Maroof & Her Husband Wedding Ceremony Pictures

Bismah Maroof Marriage Ceremony Pictures

Bismah Maroof is a Pakistani Women Cricket team captain and now it was getting married with her cousin of software engineer Abrar Ahmed in Lahore, Punjab on dated 28th November, 2018. The most famous and popular cricket player is leave the many remember to the audience. The mehndi function is held on 27/11/2018. Here we are uploading the Bismah Maroof Wedding Pictures for their fans can free download and see the beautiful functions images.

She was born on dated 18th July, 1991 in Lahore division and it was started his career in the age of 15th years as a squad in women’s cricket team in 2009 and in the year of 2010 she was selected in Asian games in China and early she was become the captain of team in 11 October, 2017. From now on it was making a lot of scores for their country and now stables their all-rounder position in the team.

The 27th years old cricketer was got married and the public can view their husband name of Abrar Ahmad and downloading the Bismah Maroof Wedding Pictures 2018.

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