Monday , September 26 2022

Bjorn Fortuin Islam Embraced Last Night

This news has been gotten from Instagram social media about South African Cricketer Bjorn Fortuin accepted Islam Religion with his wife. Both husband and wife Bjorn Fortuin and Mieshka Aysen have embraced the Islam Religion now they have become Muslims. This news Bjorn Fortuin Islam getting trend on social media Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Bjorn Fortuin Islam Embraced Last Night

He is South African Cricketer who has tied a knot with Islam Religion and his wife also accepted Islam last night. Before accepting Islam his name was Bjorn Fortuin but after accepting Islam his name has been changed to Imaad.

South African Crickter Bjorn Fortuin Islam

South African Cricketer Bjorn Fortuin Islam’s name was changed to Imaad for changing his religion and returning to Islam. The whole world and Muslims congratulate him and his wife Mieshka Aysen. Islam is the world’s largest Religion at second number.

Last night they both embraced Islam. His wife shared the news on Instagram and later on Bjorn Fortuin also described the same story on his official account. It is very good news for the Muslims of the world that other non-muslims accepted Islam.

This is a very sacred and blessed day for them that in the month of Holy Ramadan ul Mubarak 2021 they have embraced Islam. Bjorn Fortuin Islam pictures about this have been shared by Tabraiz Shami’s wife on Instagram Social media. We and our team just congratulate them to start a new life by embracing Islam.

Bjorn Fortuin Islam news becomes a trend on social media. Tabraiz Shami has commented with these pictures sharing that we congratulate the South African Cricketer Bjorn Fortuin and his wife Mieshka Aysen on accepting the Islam Religion in this holy month of Ramadan. Bjorn Fortuin Islam Mieshka Aysen In Ramadan ul Mubarak 2021. South African Cricketer Bjorn Fortuin embraced the Islam Religion last night with his wife Mieshka Aysen pictures shared on Instagram.