Monday , September 25 2023

Block Gay Websites by PTA in Pakistan

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PTA Blocks Gay Website in Pakistan

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has blocked the gay website, promoting homosexual activities among men across the country at According to the foreign local agency the website was created to increase awareness about homosexuality and the relationship between two individuals. The website started off four months back. The government of Pakistan took action against the medium after several news items became appearing from the media.

The creator of the website spoke that it had nothing out of the ethics or etiquettes to offer its visitor. He said that ban on the website was an attempt on the freedom of expression and a non-constitutional step. However, the person said that he would not go the court for this matter. PTA on the other hand did not present any stance on the issue.
It is pertinent here to mention that the runner of the website has challenged that in Pakistan exist many homosexuals since the website had a huge number of users.
People have appreciated the step taken by the telecommunication authorities. Homosexuality is illegal in Pakistan. 97 % of people in the country are Muslims and the same-sex practices go against the teachings of Islam and that of the ethical norms of the society. The UN Secretary-General however said that Pakistan lagged behind in the promotion of freedom of expression with the banning of such practices. If you like my information then share and comment on