Wednesday , October 27 2021

Revised BZU LLB Date Sheet 2021 Annual Exam

Bahauddin Zakariya University is located at Multan Punjab Pakistan that is working as an autonomous body since 1975. Thousand of students take the examinations at Bahauddin Zakariya University of Multan Pakistan. This university has started the LLB programs now, all the candidates who took admission in this program can download their BZU LLB Date Sheet 2021 for annual examination BZU 2021.

BZU LLB Date Sheet Online Check

There are so many educational institutions in the whole country of Pakistan. All the students are seeing worried due to the Pandemic situation of Coronavirus. All the students are worried about their exams now on being the circumstances become normal all educational boards, institutions, and universities have started the Annual examinations 2021 very soon. In view of this University BZU LLB Date Sheet has been placed here.

How to Download BZU LLB Date Sheet Online

This is a very simple method to download the Revised Date Sheet BZU LLB Date Sheet examination 2021. Have the link of the BZU website open the link and go to the main site of this university search Date Sheet LLB. Note the BZU contact number for any questions (61) 9210071. This is the largest university in South Punjab Pakistan.

                                    BZU LLB Part 1 Date sheet
22.06.2021 Tuesday Constitutional Law II I
24.06.2021 Thursday Equity II
28.06.2021 Monday Mercantile Law III
30.06.2021 Wednesday Law of Transfer of Property IV
02.07.2021 Friday Muslim Personal Law V
05.07.2021 Monday Public International Law VI
07.07.2021 Wednesday Special & Local Laws VII
21.00.2021 Monday English 1 I
20.06.2021 Saturday Islamic Studies / Ethica II
01.07.2021 Thursday Political Science – I III
06.07.2021 Tuesday Sociology I IV
12.07.2021 Monday Introduction to Philosophy of Law V
17.07.2021 Saturday Brief Introduction to Arable Language VI
22.06.2021 Tuesday Islamic Jurisprudence 1
24.06.2021 Thursday English Jurisprudence II
28.06.2021 Monday Constitutional Law III
30.06.2021 Wednesday Law of Contract IV
02.07.2021 Friday Law of Torts & Easement v
05.07.2021 Monday Criminal Law VI
22.06.2021 Tuesday English II I
24.06.2021 Thursday Pakistan Studies II
28.06.2021 Monday Political Science – II III
30.06.2021 Wednesday Sociology II IV
02.07.2021 Friday Introduction to Legal Systems V
08.07.2021 Monday IT Skills VI

This is BZU to take the examination on a merit basis. This organizes exams every year for the students both male & female to study for higher education 2021. We can hope that all the candidates have passed the exams because of the COVID-19 pandemic situation.

All the educational centers as schools, colleges, and universities remained closed. No one could get a bachelor’s education degree. Now the situation becomes normal and the BZU LLB Date Sheet 2021 has been announced for BZU Exams 2021. This Bahauddin Zakariya University Multan date sheet LLB has been revised now the annual exam starts from 21st June 2021 on Monday.

Revised BZU LLB Date Sheet 2021 Annual Exam

This University Bahauddin Zakariya University is renamed in the honor of Hazrat Baha-ud-Din Zakria (R.A). This is formed in 1975 for the purposes of education. This institute is located at Multan from a distance of 10 Kilometer from the main city. So many students take admission to this university from the whole country.

The university of Multan Bahauddin Zakariya is to facilitate the students for checking the Date sheet LLB programs for the forthcoming year 2021 at the graduate level. Hence, they are also a soft attitude to checking the papers of the graduation LLB Part I & II of whole programs of the BZU educational institute of Multan division. How to Download BZU LLB Date Sheet Online download from this website.

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