Tuesday , October 26 2021

How to Get Corona Vaccination in Pakistan

The Panademic disease named Coronavirus has been spread all over the world. Millions of peoples have been passed away and millions of people affected by the Covid-19. There is very easy way for How to Get Corona Vaccination in Pakistan just go to their nearby centre of Vaccination for the purposes of getting Covid Vaccination to escape from thi disease.

How to Get Corona Vaccination in Pakistan

Due to Coronavirus all administration authorities of all countries have to lock down their country to escape from this by staying at home. Get Coronavirus Vaccination by sending your valid CNIC number at 1166. Government of Pakistan has started this procedure to provide Covid Vaccine to all citizens of Pakistan.

Method to get Corona Vaccination in Pakistan

  • In the second phase Covid Vaccination is being given to the peoples who are reached to age 65 years.
  • All peoples of aged 65 years must visit their nearby Covid Vaccination Centre.
  • Just take your Valid CNIC card at Coronavirus Vaccination Centre.
  • You will be provided Corona Vaccination at the centre for free.

65 سال سے زائد عمر افراد کے لیے ویکسنیشن کا عمل مزیدآسان- کسی بھی ویکسنیشن سنٹر پرشناختی کارڈ کے ہمراہ جا کر ویکسین لگوایئے۔

میسج بائے”این سی او سی”

In the first phase the Covid Vaccination has been given to those health servants who worked at the front line in this Panademic situation Coronavirus. Now in the second phase the Vaccination process has been started for the old aged peoples of 65 years.


No Need to Send CNIC at 1166 For Corona Vaccination

Government has started to send  valid CNIC card number of 65 years at 1166 Covid helpline. After the working procedure a message is sent back with Vaccination Centre name and date. But Government of Pakistan has taken fast step to announce that now there is no to send the CNIV number at 1166 and waiting the responsive message.

Now the Government has announced that just go to their nearby Vaccination Centre with Valid CNIC card and be vaccinated for free. This offer is only for upto 65 years old age peoples of Pakistan. So see the procedure of How to Get Corona Vaccination in Pakistan.

How to Get Corona Vaccination in Pakistan at Nearby Vaccination Centre

How to Get Corona Vaccination in Pakistan at Nearby Vaccination Centre. No need to send CNIC at 1166 just visit directly at nearby Vaccination Centre to get Covid Vaccination free.