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Coronavirus Updates Corona Cases in Pakistan 2022

Coronavirus Updates Corona Cases in Pakistan 2022

Corona Virus Updates in PakistanThe Corona Virus is a very dangerous virus and is becoming a spreading disease that spreads from person to person due to outbreaks. This virus is found in birds and animals and is easily transmitted to humans. CNOV2019 – Coronavirus Updates Corona Cases in Pakistan, India and all over the world how many persons affected with him and death confirmed ratio is being explained you know read under the below Coronavirus News Chart available here checked now.

Pakistan Total Corona Affected Patients= 5716

Total Pakistan Coronavirus Patient Deaths= 96

Punjab=    2826

Sindh= 1452

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK)=  800

Balochistan= 231

Gigit Baltistan= 233

Islamabad= 131

Azad Kashmir= 43

Entire World Deaths= 119,985

Total Infected in the World= 1,930,353

Coronavirus Updates All Over World Affected Detail 2022

Corona Cases in Pakistan 2022

Sr. No.

Country Name Infected

Death Confirmed


Pakistan 5716 96
2 India 10,455 358


China 81470 3304
4 Italy 97689



Iran 38309 2640
6 Spain 80110



South Korea 9661 158
8 Germany 33416



France 22304 1100
10 United States 105,030



Switzerland 9877 130
12 United Kingdom 8077



Norway 3771 19
14 Singapore 243



Canada 6320 65
16 Australia 4197



Turkey 9217 131
18 Japan 1866



Malaysia 2470 35
20 Qatar 562



Brazil 4256 136
22 Israel 4247



Egypt 536 30
24 Iraq 547



Saudi Arabia 1299


Today Coronavirus Updates in Pakistan

Coronavirus growing at high speed has caused catastrophic damage worldwide. According to the WHO World Health Organization, the COVID-2019 Coronavirus vaccine and its treatment have not yet been confirmed and no publicity has been issued. It has been reported that the cure has been discovered so all countries are working together to find a cure so that more people can be prevented from the deadly virus. In fact, it is a punishment from ALLAH Almighty on mankind that they should repent of their sins and be inclined towards it, but humans do not understand this and are doing their will because of it. Is sending the painful punishment we are getting in the form of the Coronavirus.

How many countries in the world you know that there are currently 195 containers in the world out of which the Corona Cases in Pakistan has arrived in 162 countries, some of which are in the data here we are telling you, up to 14/04/2020 following which the Coronavirus Updates in India you daily from here The number of patients who have died and the number of deaths there will be reported here, which is far beyond the reach of an ordinary person, so in order to convey this information to the people, we provide all the information here.

Coronavirus Helpline Number 1166

Ways to Prevent Coronavirus Treatment and Symptoms

To prevent this disease, all people should stay in their homes and not go to high rush places. That is why they can avoid the disease. It is nothing to worry about. It is not so dangerous. To avoid this, wash your hands repeatedly and wash for twenty seconds and cross the arms with each other and stay a short distance away from the person who is coughing so that you can avoid it.

The young men may not even know that they have the virus because they have a strong immune system and they can easily cope with it, but those who are old and have grown old are not Cannot easily be avoided because it has the greatest effect on breathing and respiratory problems which are very old. Old can never bear it because he is already breathing very hard.

Therefore, it is best to avoid it and the best way to avoid this is to avoid going to a rush place and meeting more people and not going out to travel to any city. And in our government, it has taken the same approach to avoid that as many schools as madrassas, universities, most public places or wedding hall madaris, parks, and recreation areas are closed for four weeks, The children who are getting their papers which they are giving annual exams have also been postponed for a month. It is being said that there is a need for prayers in mosques too.

Avoid Going Caution Read the Saints at home thus, in order to deal with this Coronavirus, the Government has come up with a solution that anyone who comes to our country from other countries is being well screened. And it is a very good process that we can save our country and this society from this disease. Everybody knows the devastation this virus has caused all over the world, especially in China and Italy. It is spreading at a very high speed and has caused 5 deaths so far.

Corona Cases in Pakistan 2022