Saturday , February 4 2023

Deer Tea Umrah Draw List 2022

There are so many schemes working and offering so many offers and suggestions to win the prizes gallery. There are so many companies which offer different types of presents and prizes such as Frij, AC, Deer Tea Umrah schemes, Gold, Motorcycle, etc and so many others schemes are running this time. This time Deer Tea Umrah Draw List 2022 is running for Umrah schemes for the citizens of Pakistan.

Deer Tea Umrah Draw List 2021

Hereby checked Deer Tea Umrah Draw List 2022 is running and download the full list of Deer Qurandazi 2022 draw list. Its owner’s name is M. Yousaf Paracha Sahib that is currently running and managing this company. Its headquarter is located in Punjab Faisalabad Pakistan. Deer Chai Offers is running for Umrah now. This company address is at Rail Bazar Deer Chai Faisalabad Punjab Pakistan.

Deer Tea Umrah List Full List Qurandazi 2022

  • Deer chai Owner Name: Muhammad Yousaf Paracha Sahib.
  • Deer Chai Headoffice: Faisalabad
  • Offer Scheme: Deer Umrah Schemes 2022
  • Deer tea mobile number: 041-2643897

The company has recently launched the best Deer Tea Umrah Scheme in 2022 for all the consumers can contribute easily and freely. Deer Tea is becoming the best Tea in Pakistan now the Tea offers Motor Cycle Scheme Deer Lucky Draw Qurandazi winner List 2022. This offer has been announced in the daily express newspaper.

Deer Tea Umrah Scheme 2022 is being held and starting in the next month in forthcoming years. All the willful population will give part and send this token to the address. This Deer Tea Umrah Scheme 2022 will also be telecasted on live Dunia News and other social media channel. Keep watching these channels especially those who participate in the Deer Tea Quraandaazi 2022.

The company has published the advertisement to become the winner of the 100 Umrah Packages 2022 that are given to lucky men across Pakistan. Everybody can check the Deer Chaye packets & find out the coup in number is including them.

How to Send Deer Tea Code

  • Purchase a packet of Deer tea.
  • Find out the token number, Copan if you find it.
  • Send this Deer tea token number at the following number.
  • Deer Tea mobile number: +923004753333

Send a text message writing your Name, city, and code at the above-given number to win the Deer Tea Umrah Schemes 2022 Deer tea Lucky draw Qurandaazi.

Deer Tea Umrah Scheme Draw List 2022 Qurandazi download Deer tea schemes 2022. Deer tea owner name and headquarter located at Faisalabad check Deer Tea Umrah List Full List Qurandazi 2022.