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DLIMS – Check Driving License Verification Punjab Pakistan

DLIMS Driving License Verification Pakistan

The Driving License Issuance Management System (DLIMS) Lahore province of Punjab and Pakistan was making all the types of licenses of the learner, regular, permanent, international, duplicate and renewal to the people who applied for that purpose then the official government department is issuing the computerized license verification vehicles online at where anyone can easily check your LTV / HTV (Light  & Heavy Traffic Vehicle) and PSV including these vehicles are motorcycle, bike, Car, Shahzor, rickshaw, Van, Truck, Bus, Taxi, Coaster, Jeep, Pajero and Tractor online driving license verification obtained in this page.

How to Check Online (DLIMS) Driving License Verification

Check for License Verification

Such as the era is modern by the way daily road traffic accidents are happened in the cities of the region of Punjab, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Sindh, Azad Jammu Kashmir and Baluchistan where people are caught in trouble because they were not using helmets during using the motorbikes on the roads for long and short drives for that purpose and for self-protection utilized the protective cover to avoid being injured.

If you can make a valid license for your safety to keep away the accidental situation and the helmet was giving defense you against the bad times. Everyone can compulsorily wear all personal protection equipment (PPE) for her security reason. Now here we are given you the link of Online Computerized Driving License Verification Lahore Traffic Police are issued for the entire citizens.

Learner License Required Documents for DLIMS process:

  • One copy of CNIC (National Identity Card)
  • One Ticket of Rs. 60 from any post office
  • You should have the book of traffic police rules &
  • regulations from the bazaar for learning driving rules
  • Get Medical Certificate from Civil Hospital from any city
  • The candidates of 50 years or more both
  • Motor Cycle Bike, Car, Rikshaw, Tractor, Taxi
  • The Minimum Age limit is 18 Years Old
  • HTV required for a minimum of 22 Years Old


The learner permit is issued only for 06 months and that’s is the time duration of this validity.

Permanent License Required Documents Are

  • An Applicant Form covered with file cover
  • It has an original learner permit with him of at least 06 weeks
  • A Medical Certificate compulsory
  • 03 passport size fresh photos also attested
  • Attested copy of CNIC one
  • A ticket is pasted on the location on the DLIMS license form

International License Required Documents Are

  • Application Form covered with file cover
  • A copy of attested CNIC
  • A Copy of Valid Driving License
  • A copy of Pakistani Passport valid for at least 06 months with Visa
  • 02 attest photocopies passport size
  • Buy Court Fee Ticket of Rs. 66
  • Given Bank Challan Fee Rs. 450


The applicant will bring his original C.N.I.C Driving License with Passport with him. You can get license verification online information from the official website of 

Duplicate License Required Documents Are

  • Duplicate Application Form within File Cover
  • One attested copy of CNIC
  • 02 Passport size pictures of fresh
  • FIR Lost of license report of the Police Station
  • The tickets are printed on the form
  • Duplicate Fee According to the category
  • Motor Cycle Rs. 100
  • Car, LTV Rs. 150
  • HTV Rs. 200

Renewal of License Required Documents Are

  • Application Form within File Cover
  • 02 Photo Graph Passport Size
  • A copy of NIC
  • Original Driving License
  • Medical Report
  • A Ticket of relevant License
  • Renewal Fee According to the category
  • Motor Cycle, Rickshaw Rs. 500
  • Car, LTV (PSV), Tractor Commercial Rs. 750
  • HTV (PSV) Rs. 1000


The license is renewed for five years.

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The online system of driving license verification is very simple that you read in the above article. Get complete DLIMS license verification Centers Details  Click Here