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Ehd-e-Wafa Last Episode 15 March 2020

Last Episode Ehd-e-Wafa 15 March 2020

ISPR Drama Ehd-e-Wafa Last Episode 15 March 2020

For the followers Ehd-e-Wafa Last Episode 25 March 15, 2020, will be air on the Hum TV early soon when the ISPR Drama is telecasting for everyone then we are uploading the download link and Online watch ehd e Wafa last episode 15 March 2020 is available here. This thrilling serial is running very well and it was starting first episode date 22nd September 2019 and the final is 15/03/2020. Today till now 12 million above people can watch this play and finally his team is presented the Last Episode Ehd-e-Wafa 15 Mar 2020.

All the fans are waiting with impenitently for the final cast of this show because people are liked him very much. So everyone wants to see the end of this serial eagerly. Before the Coronavirus the play is telecasting on the big screens in cinemas at Cinestar, Atrium, Cineplex in Islamabad, Lahore and Karachi but spreading of the coronavirus then the government is issuing the notification to closed all cinemas houses, theaters, marriage halls, parks, schools, colleges, universities, madrasa’s outing and gathering places for three weeks so that the ISPR Drama Ehde Wafa is not newscast on the open places for secure the public.

Story Review Ehd e Wafa ISPR Drama Serial

This is the story of four friends who study together in a college and it’s in Murree, they have a friendship and they love each other very much. Two of them are from a very rich family and two belong to a poor family. They used to run away from college every night and wandered down Mar Road one day the warden grabbed it and lied about it, and they avoided it. He grabbed them and summoned their family. As they were leaving, one of them fell in love with a girl and then sent her to his house to escape. Agzym has chosen not to take them for a final three friends then went out and got in my life.

One of them went into politics and he became a politician, he went to a media and he became a news reporter, he became the third shopkeeper and he joined the Fourth Army and he became a soldier. Keeping in touch with each other, the soldier who was a politician, they were not in contact with each other. They fought each other. He was a politician. He was shot by his brothers and now his last. You can see everything in the section that will be displayed today.

Online Watch Ehd-e-Wafa Last Episode March 15, 2020

Ehde Wafa Show Cast

  • Zara Noor Abbasi as Rani
  • Ahad Raza Mir as Saad
  • Ahmed Ali Akbar as Shaharyar Afzal
  • Usman Khalid Butt as Malik Shahzain
  • Syed Muhammad Ahmad as Malik Allahyar
  • Alizey Shah as Dua
  • Wahaj Ali as Shariq

Ehd e Wafa Drama Timing: 08:00 PM (Each Sunday)

Director: Muhammad Saife Hassan

Writer: Mustafa Afridi

Producer: Momina Duraid

PTV Home and Hum TV Drama Ehd-e-Wafa Last Episode 15 March 2020 are provided the transmission for the audience can free watch exclusive grand finale today on Sunday 08:00 PM according to the standard time zone. Pakistan Drama Ehd e Wafa March 15, 2020, is coming on tonight by the ISPR Official the show is simulcast for everyone can see online and free download full in this page we have updated the link here. Now happy the whole followers and fans to check this post and get the Online Watch Ehde Wafa Last Episode 25 Mar 15, 2020, is presented for everybody to see the end of the Pakistani Drama Serial Ehde Wafa.