Tuesday , October 27 2020

EID Chand Raat Hd Wallpapers 2020

Eid-ul-Fitr Moon Night (Chand Raat) is very important for the all over the world Muslims because this night is full of blessings and happiness for all people, shopkeepers, customers, and mostly children, he purchase the new dresses, watches, toys, shows, mehndi, bangles, bracelets, handbags and many more things for the Eid-ul-Fitr Chand Raat HD Wallpapers 2020. At the moon night some people are busy in the barber’s shop to hair cut of the various styles, some in shaves, fishes, and ladies especially busy in Mehndi (Hinna, henna) designs on their hands, arm to shoulder, full legs, feet and old men or women used hinna on their hairs to fresh the memories of his youth, when he is youngster. 

moon night latest wallpapers 2013When the moon appears the people who are sitting at Itikaaf (etikaaf) a religious obligation, they are coming out after completing Itikaaf and the drum beaters they are coming on the Mosque door to welcome the Itikaaf people for happiness. They put garlands of roses to them and give money and feel very happy at that blessing time because it is the confession of their misdeeds themselves in their lives. If you like my Chand Raat Wallpapers 2020 then share like and comment on my website Biseworld.com.

beautiful chand raat wallpapers 2013

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