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End December Urdu SMS Wallpaper Quotes 2018

Wallpapers December Poetry 2013

December is a source of pleasures and woes for the lovers who enjoyed the winter season with their ladies.

As Blake Says about joys and woe of life,

“Joy and woe are woven fine,

Clothing for the soul divine,

Under every grief and pine,

Run a joy a silken twine”.

In December a great festival of Jesus Christ will be held on 25th December in every year in the whole world. It is the anniversary of the Jesus Christ which is celebrated by the Christians every year and it is also given the name of resurrection day (Rebirth of Jesus Christ) and the whole session held at England. It is the big meeting of the Christians at Ester Tide.

Ending of the December is just like the arrival of the December people are enjoying and performing various activity, a source of pleasure for the folk same the ending of the December is full of sadness, isolation (Judai), desolation because the new year is coming and people forget all the pleasure of the December and waiting for the new things of the new years. 

December Girlfriend Poetry Wallpapers

Woh Muskana Tera Woh Sharmana Tera December Ka Sama

Woh Muskana Tera Woh Sharmana Tera December Ka Sama

Woh Bheegi Bheegi Sardiyaan

Woh Mosam Kaya Huwa Naa Jaane Kahan Kho Gaya

Bas Yaadien Baki…….

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Yeh saal bhi udaas raha rooth ker gaya

Yeh saal bhi udaas raha rooth ker gaya
Tujh se mile baghair December guzar gaya…