Thursday , October 6 2022

ETPB Aitkaaf Cancelled Lockdown Pakistan

As we know that this is the 3rd Ashra of Mah e Ramadan is passing. In the last Ashra Muslims take intentions to sit for Aitkaaf in the Holy month of Ramadan. But this year the Government of Pakistan Evacuee Trust Property Board has decided to not let the Muslims sit for Aitkaaf due to lockdown by Covid-19. ETPB Aitkaaf Cancelled Lockdown notification has been released by this authority.

ETPB Aitkaaf Cancelled Lockdown Pakistan

Aitkaaf means to follow the directions of our Holy Prophet Peace Be Upon Him (SWW) as he used to sit for Aitkaaf in the Masjid in the last Ashra of Ramazan ul Mubarak. Ramazan ul Mubarak comes to shower the countless blessings and forgives sins. Aitkaaf in Masjid Cancelled by ETPB.

ETPB Aitkaaf Cancelled Notification 2022

ETPB Aitkaaf Cancelled Notification 2022 Evacuee Trust Property Board shared on 01st May 2022. Govt has cancelled Aitkaaf this year due to Covid-19. Will Muslims si for Aitkaaf in Masjid this year. Letter no ADA(10)286(2022) approved on 01/05/2022 regarding cancellation of Aitkaaf in Masjid.

گورنمنٹ آف پاکستان نے رمضان میں اعتکاف بیٹھنے پر پابندی لگا دی

You should contact this office of Evacuee Trust Property Board headquarter at 9 court street Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan. Contact at ETPB contact number at 042 99211043 or contact via the email address at

Government must take this notice back and do some other steps to control the Covid. I can not understand how worshipping Allah Almighty in the Masjid how can harm the people. I totally condemn this irresponsible and non-serious act as being a Government authority.

This is happening the first time in the history of Pakistan that the Government of Pakistan going to stop sitting for Aitkaaf during the last Ashra of Mah e Ramazan ul Mubarak. This is very bad news for the Muslims that the Government being a Muslim community taking such steps to stop the Muslims from doing worship to Allah Almighty.

ETPB Aitkaaf Cancelled letter was signed by Chief Administrator Oukaaf Punjab Lahore on 01st May 2022. Evacuee Trust Property Board founder is Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah. And Minister of Religious Affairs is Pir Noor ul Haq Qadri.