June Punjab Budget 2018-19 Pakistan

Federal Budget 2018-19 Pakistan

Salaries Increase 10 to 15 %

Scale Revised this year &

Pension Increased 15 to 20 %

According to the media and daily dunya news sources the Finance Minister of Ishaq Dar said that the Federal Budget 2018-19 salaries increase maybe 10 to 15 percent of the government employees of the basic pay and hope also the scale revised in this budget 2018 to 2019 in Punjab province of Pakistan. Govt. pension servants are ready to happy because the finance sources tell me that pension increase 15 to 20 percents.

The Government of Pakistan will be announced the annual Federal Budget 2018 to 2019 this month in the first week or 05th June, 2018 (Tuesday, June 05, 2018) by the media sources.    

Prime Minister of Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif had the authority to revise the government servants scale revised because scale revision is before 03 years later now this year more chance to revision of scales in Punjab Assembly Budget 2018-19 Pakistan.

Pension increase project is already running because he is increase all allowances of pensioners include in these allowances are medial, retired civilians, house rent, transport, dearness, rent and clothing and many other allowances add up in this fiscal year Punjab Federal Budget 2018-19.

There are 04 provinces in Pakistan and every province is busy to preparetion of budget:

Punjab FederalBudget 2018-19

Sindh Budget 2018-19

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK) Budget 2018-19

Balochistan Budget2018-19

All the government departments staff is hope his salaries huge amount are increase in this year of budget and the pensioners also dream his pension increase 15 to 20 percents. National Assembly is planning to ready increase the pays and revised the pay scale of employees. I wish to best of luck all the people ALLAH gives you lot of happiness in this fiscal year.

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