Wednesday , December 6 2023

Flying Car Test Flight Bratislava Salovika

Klein Vision is the name of an automobile company located in London. Recently good news shared about the Flying Car Test Flight has been passed. The company said that science fiction has become reality and that a car now can fly in the sky. Businessmen and other people have started discussions about Klein’s flying car test was taken in the sky for 35 minutes.

Flying Car Test Flight Bratislava Salovika

The flying car has been tested for 35 minutes between the two cities Bratislava Salovika flying was started from the International Airport of Nitra. BMW Flying Car Test Flight engine is fit and suitable for running on petrol. This car will fly at 8200 ft height and continue to fly for 1000 Kilo Meters. This is an inauguration flying test of Klein flying car having a price of 1.5 Trillion $ by 2040.

Klein Vision Flying Car Price Flying Car Test Flight

What is the price of Flying Car Test Flight and what are its latest features have been written here. A video was recorded for 30 minutes by this company for marketing and advertising the Flying car. The Klein Flying Car price is expected $ 1.5 trillion by 2040. This car is equipped with a BMW engine.

Flying Car Test Flight Bratislava Salovika

Features of Flying Car Test Flight Flying Car Test Flight

It takes just 3 minutes to convert from a Road vehicle to a flying aircraft.

Altitude 8200 feet of Flying Car Test Flight.

Cruising Speed 118 mph.

Cruising speed 170 KM/H

Has the ability to carry out 200 KG equal to 02 passengers.

Klein Flying car cost 1.5 Trillion $

Klein has been ambitious to develop the flying car since the 1980s. Finally, he opened his own workshop and company with his friend Anton Zajac. He is working on this car which is expected to launch in 2023. The Flying Car Test Flight has been completed on 28th June 2021.

Flying Car Test Flight Price & Features Online Read Now. Klein’s flying air car cost is 1.5 trillion $ by 2040. Klein Vision Air craft worth specification engine type BMW.