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Fruits Prices in Pakistan (Fruit Rate List Today) 2022

Fruits are great gifts and blessings for the humans living on this land. Allah Almighty has created countless types of fruits with have different benefits for our health. Fruits and Vegetables increase and improve our health. Govt of Pakistan increases and decreases the rate of Fruits on daily basis. In the market, the committee checks the Fruits Prices in Pakistan and downloads Fruit Rate List Today online by date wise. Fruit price list in Lahore retail price and wholesale price are different.

Fruits Prices in Pakistan (Fruit Rate List Today)

Some of the fruits are sweet and sour every fruit has a different seed, plant, and formula to produce it. The famous fruits in Pakistan names are Apples, Bananas, Mangos, Grapes, Lemons, Pomegranate, Melon, Peach, Pear, Shaddock, Oranges, Dates Strawberries, etc. Fruits Prices in Pakistan Lahore are mentioned in below-attached table format. 

Fruits Prices in Pakistan (Fruit Rate List Today)

On a daily basis keeping in mind the tax rate the worth of everything changes. The fruit price list is duly checked and signed by the Secretary of Market Committee Lahore, Security of Market Committee Kot Lakhpat, Secretary Market Committee Multan Road, Secretary Market Committee Singh Pur, and also signed by the representative of the Deputy Commissioner.

The government has announced other applications on the Internet by using you can order your fruits and vegetables online. These online delivery services are now starting in major cities of the Punjab Lahore, Islamabad, Multan, Rawalpindi, etc. In order to get online Fruits Qeemat download this “Price Punjab” install and use it.

How to use Price Punjab Application download and install it. After successfully installed open it and select your city name then click on Submit button for the required result Fruits Prices in Pakistan 2022 (Fruit Rate List Today). Never get deceived always purchase good and best quality foods at affordable prices. In order to have any issues contact at below-given helpline number of Market Committee Lahore at 0800 – 02345 tall free.

Today dated 02/08/2022 check the Fruit prices Lahore list this web provides the latest updated investors and wholesale dealers invest their money getting large quantities of fruits. Govt of Punjab has also launched the Qeemat Punjab App online play store application to check the Fruits Prices in Pakistan, Lahore, Islamabad, and other cities of Pakistan.

پرچون نرخ نامہ فی کلو گرام پھل مارکیٹ کمیٹی لاہور

تھوک نرخ نامہ فی کلو گرام پھل مارکیٹ کمیٹی لاہور

Pakistan Fruits Rate List 2022
Sr Fruits Name Price in Rs
1 Sapodilla (Cheeku) 1kg Rs. 110
2 Apricot (Khubani) 1kg Rs. 360
3 Daraz Fresh: Honeydew White (Sufaid Garma) 1 Kg Rs. 115
4 GajjaApple (Saib) Halfkg Rs. 125
5 Banana (Kela)12 Pieces Rs. 148
6 Honeydew White (Sufaid Garma) 1Kg Rs. 150
7 Green Grapes (Angoor) HalfKg Rs. 140
8 Plum (Alubu Khara) 1kg Rs. 380

Types of Fruits

Types of Fruits
Sr # Fruits Name
1 Apples
2 Bananas
3 Mangos
4 Grapes
5 Lemons
6 Pomegranate
7 Melon
8 Peach
9 Pear
10 Shaddock
11 Oranges
12 Dates
13 Strawberries
14 Guava
15 Fig
16 Jack Fruit
17 Mulberry
18 Red Currant
19 Olive
20 Jujube
21 Sugarcane
22 Hanepoot
23 Durain
24 Kiwi
25 Gooseberry
26 Pappaya
27 Grape Fruit
28 Plum
29 Coconut
30 Apricot

Fruits Prices in Pakistan (Fruit Rate List Today) 2022

Fruits Helpline number Pakistan Fruits Market Committee Lahore: 0800-02345

Fruits Prices in Lahore: Click Here