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Full Gazette PEC 5th Class Result 2019 Online

Punjab Examination Commission 5th Class Result 2018

Good News Alert The Punjab Examination Commission will declared PEC 5th Class Result 2019 coming soon on timing 31st March, 2019 Exact 10:10 am O’clock. Students are very excited but more horrible that’s day. Their heart beats run very fast. Workable children appear happy. However, lazy students show sorrowful. Before result, date sheet will be announced coming weeks. Students prepare lesson full swing. Teachers pay attention on students sincerely. Their hard working will be appear time to time. Now-a-day strictly rules stocks on schools. Teacher’s performed their duties honestly. If students show weakly progress then this management maintain. Therefore, two vehicles start easily. That’s day some new experience. During the year five class result 2019 day full fear, enjoy full and happy.

During Five Class students have childhood mind. Because they are younger. Therefore, their concern traction in playing games and some new things. in this age, if students show some special attendance then will be progress son. If their feet back, show some difficult tacks in future life. I hope PEC 5th Grade Result 2019 will be appear some secret stars who progress definitely. Now-a-days 5th class books increase but students mind sharp of new generation. English, Math, Urdu, Islamiyat, Pak Studies and Science are their subjects. Students attention in science, English and math. They do not show attention in Islamiyat, S.Sty and Urdu. Therefore, they are main reason of poor result. Some intelligent students come back due to this mistake. however, some clever students show progress in all subjects. Until, one day they will be succeed.

Punjab Examination Commission

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PEC Fifth Class Result 2019 is a street of one success. If this street weak, then next street tracks will be weak. However, If this journey determinate then next life will be easy. If childhood, student’s mind completely determinate, hard-working and some new happened. Games and books with walk easily. If student mind fresh, excited and intelligent. But weak and innocent babies are different. Some innocent students run fustily in study. Clever children run steadily / slowly in study because lower attention. ALLAH gave mind equal everyone. Some use mind and some do not use mind. Their main reason of non-attention.

Some poor students show full concentrate in study. After the result their hardworking appear. Soon, they are scholarship children. They fulfill their needs in this rupees. They buy their needy things. That way life will be easy. Their parents worry will be less until happy. Poor trainee chance start study without any disturbance. However some rich youngs parent’s given money to the examination controller. With power, their child will be pass but poor youngsters without power declared in board position with hard working determined mind. Their success themselves their hard-working.

Online Download Grade 5th Result 2019 (پنجاب ایگزیمینینش)

Punjab Examination Commission 5th Class Result 2019 is very suspense for everybody is announcing on 31/03/2019. We hope students too much surprise for these day. Therefore, their expression so much different daily life. Their hard-working on 1st stage to get some special attention. Now-a-days, now correction in board examination. Every little boys and girls help themselves. One famous quotes explain under the below:

“GOD helps those who help themselves”

Even examiner cooperate each other. Present days teachers teach the tutuee every ways. However, students attend the board papers in full preparation. No doubt Pakistan’s children have full confidence to get our ambition.


Best of luck for PEC Grade 5th Result 2019 is coming on dated 31.03.2019 GOD Almighty give him 100 percent marks.

PEC 5th Class Result 2019 Online

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