Sunday , September 24 2023

What is Green Euro Bond Pakistan Price Check Today

Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan has taken a new initiative by launching the Green Euro Bond Pakistan. This Green Eurobond, is determined to help the Mohmand and Diamer Basha Dams with financial assistance. Green Euro Indus Bond launched by PM on 31 May 2021. PM says that Pakistan is currently working on 10 New dams started in this country to enhance the economy of Pakistan.

What is Green Euro Bond Pakistan

Islamabad: On Monday PM launches the Eurobond first ever in Pakistan. The government of Pakistan is working with the collaboration of the Water and Power Development Authority (WAPDA). The PM also congratulated the chairperson of Wapda on launching the Green Euro Bond Pakistan.

Green Euro Bond Pakistan Price

The Green Euro Bond Pakistan also called the Pakistan Indus Bond is the GreenEuro Bond Pakistan price. Prime Minister Imran Khan has said more on the inauguration ceremony of What is Green Eurobond Pakistan and how to work and progress on it. He says in this country so many projects are started but running still incomplete. He said we must complete already running projects before starting new schemes and programs for the welfare of Pakistan.

Pakistan Indus Bond launched with the collaboration of the Water and Power Management Authority on Monday 31st May 2021. PM Pakistan announced the Green Euro Bond Pakistan check online detail here was the chairperson and chief guest of this ceremony held in Islamabad. So many other members and political parties took part in this regard.

Green Euro Bond Pakistan Live Updates

In the wake of Green, Euro Bond Pakistan WAPDA is raising up to 500 Million USD $ as financial assistance to the Mohmand and Diamer Bhasha Dam Pakistan. It is said that financial confidence has a stable position in favor of building the dams. On launching the Green Euro bond Pakistan, and other countries have shown interest in the dams. Global interest will show a big response to completing the big projects running in Pakistan.

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