Wednesday , October 27 2021

Hajj Applications Form Download 2021

Pakistan Hajj 2018 Packages Policy Govt. is Started for Candidates

Hopefully people don’t wait more because the Government of Pakistan and Ministry of Religious Affiars is started on 15th January, 2021 and the end date of 25th January, 2021 then the Hajj Applicants Form Download 2021 of Hajj 2021 Packages Policy for everyone is read terms and conditions included mess and accommodations in Saudi Arabia. According to media sources Express News Channel the higher authorities is decided to fix price for religious obligatory of this fiscal year of 2021 Hajj applications are starting to collecting from the interest persons are applied for going to the prayers in soudia and the rate is remained the previous year especially for the desired inhabitants of our country.

All of us is compulsory go to the Islamic region for performing the religious prayers of Hajj 2021 for the remembrance of our Holy Prophets in the home of ALLAH almighty in Makka and in the Madina resistance of Hazrat Muhammad Peace Be Upon Him the last prophet of Muslims in the world. Each man is want to offer the Hajj because it’s very important for all the persons to performing Hajj 2021.

Dues charges for people is simple Hajj Rs. 120,000 for 59,215 citizens are apply for the applications form Hajj 2021. Total expenditures of Rs. 270,000 would be paid to the government of the Punjab sending for the 30 to 38 days. Sacrifice charges of Rs. 13000 is applying for if you can being got sacrifice in the day of Hajj in Soudi Arab check more details here the official website at Hajj Application Form online filling it.

Hajj Applications Form 2021 Download

Hajj Packages Price 2021 Detail