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Happy Christmas Day HD Wallpaper 2022 the Christmas Day is a religious and cultural event which is being celebrated by the Christian communities with zeal and spirit in different parts of countries in the whole world on dated 25th December 2022 in connection with birthday celebrations of Jesus Christ, who believe the son of God.

His birth date is unidentified because there is little information about his early life and there is a difference among the scholars on when Jesus came into the world. God’s first messenger angel Gabriel visited Mary with the message of God and say “Greetings you who are highly favored and Lard is with you”. She would have been very fearful by this then Gabriel said: “Do not be afraid”.

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Christmas Day Wishing Cards 2022 Christmas is known as a spiritual eve according to the Christian community which is being celebrated also in Pakistan on 25th December 2022 in the entire country. The days of Christmas are considered as Christmas Holidays by Christians only. But, the Birthday celebrations of the founder of Pakistan Quid-E-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah are also celebrated in Pakistan on the same day.

The Christians celebrate the greetings of happy Christmas at the start of December every year in Pakistan. The population of the Muslim community is 97% and the Christian community is 1.5% in Pakistan there are approximately 2.7 million Christians who are nationality holders in Pakistan and living in poor standards in various cities as well as rural areas.

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On the occurrence of Happy Christmas Season, the church buildings and houses are decorated with ornamental material by the Christian community in Pakistan. Christmas Day is renowned as an Eid (Bara Din) by the Christian community Pakistan, performing rituals in the churches, handing over and taking over the precious gifts to each other, sharing the sweets and cake cutting ceremonies in which beautiful dresses were wearied and they were turning the parks, zoo, restaurants, and outings with their families. Christmas Day is a holiday in many countries but not in all and many homes have Christmas trees and other decorations during this eve. Some places of work hold festivity on Christmas Day 25th December 2022 wishing photos.

The History of Happy Christmas Day

As per history, the age of Mary was near 16 years when she gave birth to a son named Jesus. The name Jesus means “Saviour” which is a very important meaning in the story. This was a very ordinary age for young women to engage and marry in biblical times. So, the son of God was the son of a teenage mother.

The couple of Joseph and Marry were in Israel at that time and they were quite poor. Joseph and marry were descendants of King David of Israel but his family was in the poorest state and marry was also connected to the customary priest families of Israel through his cousin Elizabeth. Joseph was a carpenter as a profession and they both were living in the small hill town“Nazareth” which is the center for the place of worship priests.

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On the occasion of Happy Christmas Day 25 December 2022 highly resolution images are available here, the imagery of Santa Claus also acknowledged as Father Christmas snowmen, reindeer, and candy canes are made out in Christmas cards, posters, signs, and other printed material allied with the Christmas celebrations.

The Imagery of baby Jesus, the Christmas star, and other signs related to the religious meaning of Christmas are also seen at some point in Christmas Day. The Happy Christmas Day HD Wallpapers 2022 can be downloaded from here.

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