Monday , June 5 2023

Hareem Fatima Murder Case Kohat KPK Pakistan

This is another bad news that happened in the Kohat District of the KPK province of Pakistan. There are several incidents that have been registered for assault on teenage girls. This is the story of 3 years old Hareem Fatima Murder Case Registered assault and murders ruthlessly on the spot. This is not a single case that has been registered in the history of Pakistan.

Hareem Fatima Murder Case Kohat KPK Pakistan

Besides this, so many rapes and murder cases had been registered due to assault on children. As reported a three years old child (girl), Hareem Fatima found dead in the Kohat District of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa KPK after assaulting her.

3 years old Hareem Fatima Murder Case at Kohat

This type of case happens, again and again, and the Government of Pakistan must take serious notice and legal action against these types of culprits. As true Muslims, it is our duty to raise our voices against these types of incidents and cruelty.

Hareem Fatima Murder case came to the local police station of Khattak. Hareem Fatima’s residence at Khatak colony at Kohat KPK Pakistan. A citizen of the Khattak colony has registered a complaint with the local police of Kohat about missing his daughter’s name Hareem Fatima.

Hareem Fatima’s father has lodged the complaint that his daughter moved out of the house bud she did not return home back. But later on, reported that his daughter was found murdered by assaulting her badly near colony Khatak near her house.

In the Murder case of Hareem Fatima Murder Case, some unknown person has been prisoned. People on social media also raised their voices for Justice for Hareem Fatima Kohat’s murder case.

Hareem Fatima Murder Case Kohat KPK Pakistan

I cordially condemn this type of incident that happens with kids and ladies in Pakistan. I mourn for Hareem and raise my voice on social media “Justice for Hareem Fatima”. Hareem Fatima Murder’s case should go to a high level to give her justice. Before a 7 years old girl named Zainab from Kasur was murdered after being assaulted.

Hareem Fatima Murder Case Kohat KPK Pakistan registered at local police station due to assault and murder. Social media raising the voice of Justice for Hareem Fatima Khattak colony Kohat.