Wednesday , July 6 2022

Honda 70cd New Model 2022 Pictures Download

Honda automobile company is going to launch a new model of Honda CD 70 2022. It has been finalized its features, colors, and amazing look and shape. At the start of the new year, Honda 70CD’s new model 2022 will be launched. 2022 Honda 70 pictures have been placed on this page to see the new shape and beautiful look. Read about its price latest features colors engine millage KM fuel average and contact details.

Honda 70cd New Model 2022 Pictures Download

In Pakistan, there are several automobile companies that are and have launched their products. These companies provide automobile services in Pakistan country some are national and some are international companies. Honda 70cd New Model 2022 price in Pakistan is Rs. 87,000/- PKR. Do you know the previous price was 73,000 PKR? The price of 70 has been increased up to 14,000/- PKR.

Honda 70cd New Model 2022 Price and Features

Here we are discussing 70 2022 Motorcycle’s new model price in Pakistan has officially been announced by the company. After launching Honda 70 motorbike after few years so many reasonable & approachable motorbikes were launched in Pakistan. Honda Contact info headquarter office and note the email address for any information.


Let’s discuss Honda 70 2022 features it has 4 stroke OHC engine, 72 cm3 displacement, 4.7 x 41.1 mm is its broken and stroke. We are discussing Honda motorcycle 2022 features so it is kick-starting, it has 8.5-liter fuel capability, Honda 70 2022 weight is 82 KG dry weight, tire at front 2.25 to 17 (4PR), and rear tire 2.50 to 17 (4PR).

There are so many Motorbikes that are low-cost and inexpensive motorcycle that is reachable than Honda for every citizen of Pakistan. a full list of new prices and rates of this company’s products and check comparison with other autos companies. You can see the Honda 70cd New Model 2022 price and you can manage that it is the budget motorcycle for you or not. It depends on you that can you easily buy it or not.

Read news updates about Honda 70cd New Model 2022 motorbike features as Engine type, Front and read brakes, transmission, front and rear tires, fuel capacity,  colors, battery, starting type, engine oil capacity, displacement, and compression. The price of the New 70CD bike is Rs. 87,00/- PKR.