Thursday , September 29 2022

Honda Motorbike Price increase 2022 New & Old Price

Honda Motorbike company has launched so many models of motorbikes in Pakistan. Name of the model listed below with different models and different prices. Today we have received about increasing price of Honda company.

See the attached list with old and new price charts. Honda Motorbike’s new price with old price differences was announced officially by the company.

Honda Motorbike Price increase 2022 New & Old Price will be applicable with effect from 1st January 2022. Now the Honda Motorbike will be sold out as prescribed chart new price.

All models of Honda bike price has been increased by 4000 to 6500 PKR. Below I have mentioned the complete details of increasing price with variants.

Honda Motorbike Price increase 2022 New Price Variants

CD 70: Rs. 116, 500

CD 70 Dream: Rs. 104, 500

Pridor: Rs. 1, 33, 500

Honda CG 125: Rs. 1, 79, 900

Honda CG 125 SE: Rs. 1, 85, 500

Honda CB 125 F: Rs. 227, 900

Honda CB 150 F: Rs. 282, 900

Honda CB 15 F SE: Rs. 286,900

Honda Motorcycle New price 2022

The old price of the Honda CD 70 was 86900 rupees but now the new price is Rs. 90, 900 by increasing Rs. 4000/-. So Honda CG 125 old price was Rs. 1, 42, 500 but by increasing of Rs. Rs. 5000/- its new price is Rs. 1, 47, 500/-.

So if talk about CB 150 F so the old price was Rs. 2, 60, 500 and its new price is Rs. 2, 67, 500 by increasing of Rs. 6500/-. All the new prices announced by Honda company will be applicable from 1st January 2022.

Honda Motorbike Price increase 2023 New & Old Price Variants Difference. Honda’s new price 2023 CD 70, CG 125, prior, CB 125 SE, CB 125 F, CB 150 F & CB 15 F SE. Honda’s old price with the new price. Read old and new Honda prices increased in Pakistan today.

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