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Kashmala Tariq Marriage Pictures Pakistani Lawyer

Pakistani famous political leader and Lawyers Kashmala Tariq have gotten married. She is recently working as Federal Ombudsperson to protect women against harassment. She is well known as a strong leader for protecting the women at duty place in the office etc. She gained knowledge at PU University Lahore from where she got the Law Degree LLB. Kashmala Tariq Biography, Facebook, Instagram, marriage pictures, children, and Kashmala Tariq profile read online here.

Kashmala Tariq Marriage Pictures Pakistani Lawyer
Kashmala Tariq also works as a Politician she joined her political career in 2002. She first worked as MPA Members of the National Assembly. She served her efforts in Politicians from the time period between 2002 to 2012. Now she married Tariq Rashid Khan recently Kashmala Tariq Marriage Pictures with Rashid Khan have been spread on social media Instagram and Twitter.

Biodata Kashmala Tariq Biography

  • Name: Kashmala
  • Occupation: Lawyer
  • Education University: Punjab University Lahore
  • Age of Kashmala Tariq is: 45 years old
  • DOB: 24-01-1972
  • Father name: Unknown
  • Mother name: Unknown
  • School Qualification: Law (LLB)
  • Master degree: LLM From London
  • Joined Politician: In 2002
  • Political time period: 2002 to 2012
  • Kashmala chamber Name: Kashmala & Association
  • Kashmala Height: 1.7 m
  • Kashmala husband name spouse:  Tariq Rashid Khan
  • Kashmala Tariq Instagram: @Kashmala.tarq1
  • Kashmala Tariq Twitter: @kashmalamna
  • Kashmala children name: Azlan Khan

Wedding Pictures Kashmala Tariq Marriage Pictures

Kashmala Tariq Marriage Pictures Pakistani Lawyer

Kashmala Tariq has done his work for women’s rights and gives too many favors to women. She has established her own chamber of Law “Kashmala and Association” law chamber of Kashmala Tariq. She is working for the welfare of women rights since Feb 2018. She has done two marriages she has children named Azlan Khan is her son. She has done second marriage with Tariq Rashid Khan recently shared Kashmala Tariq Marriage Pictures check online here. Kashmala Tariq Biography and personal details have been shared here read online her profile details and download Kashmala Tariq Nikah’s pictures.

Kashmala Tariq Marriage Pictures Pakistani Lawyer Kashmala Tariq Marriage Pictures Pakistani Lawyer