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Online Check KESC Duplicate Bill Download & Print Bills & E-Payments

All consumers can Check KESC Duplicate Bill Download and Print Online the official website at through the Karachi Electric Supply Company (KESC), based in the city of Karachi and Sindh, Pakistan. Karachi Electric supplies power to the estimate 15-16 million peoples of the largest Pakistan’s city Karachi in which more than 11,000 employees are performing their duties. The entire people free download Karachi Electricity Bill free of cost here.

Online Check KESC Duplicate Bill Download & Print Bills & E-Payments

This Electric Company keeps in the generation, transmission and distribution of electricity to industrial, agriculture and residential area that falls under its set-up. The utility also initiated the procedure of distributed generation under a net metering programmed. The Karachi Electric Supply Corporation (KESC Duplicate Bill Download Online) was created in 1913 to meet up the power needs of a small town under the now currently Companies Ordinance, 1984.

KESC Duplicate Bill Download Online

The Government of Pakistan nationalized the Karachi Electricity Corporation sequentially to facilitate the much needed investment its road and rail network in 1952. This company was privatized by the Government of Pakistan in 2005 keep hold of approximately 26% while 71% was transferred to a foreign association. In 2009 the organization lead by Abraaj Capital took the charge of KESC Duplicate Bill. The Abraaj Group and Alijomaih have 66.4% stake in Karachi Electricity in 2017 and our administration is share holding at the position of 24.63%.

WAPDA (Water and Power Development Authority) which is connected with Power Development is deal with the many Electric Companies in various cities which is managing the electricity at the each and every house in the whole Pakistan. The hard copies of computerized generated bills of monthly consumption by the consumers are circulated by the companies in concerned areas to pay within due dates, often it has been seen that the bills have been lost due to consumers have to face many problems in this regard.

How to Pay Karachi Electricity KESC Duplicate Bill

The Karachi Electric Supply Company which supplies electricity to the diffirent areas of this packed city has introduced online system and the print of duplicate copies of all bills in PDF format related to this electricity company can be got after providing the personal requisite information by the consumer. This service is free of cost wherefrom bills may be reviewed online at any time. The Monthly bills may be paid through  nearby enlist banks where Karachi Electricity Duplicate Bill payments are accepted and e-payments also made through internet, Mobile Banking Easy Paisa, Jazz Cash and Nadra e-Sahulat.

 The Company has won the Solar Award 2018 which is best project award in the Category of Corporate Solar Sustainability Program of the year at the Middle East Solar Industry Associations (MESIA).The efforts over the past few years; the Karachi Eclectic Supply Company KESC Duplicate Bill has received formal recommendations in large numbers of awards and great compliments. These highlight the determination of organization to carry on the progress on the way to meeting the power needs of Karachi in sustainable approach.

The Company also carries out studies on the potential environment and societal collision of its new projects. The Karachi Electric Supply Company facilitates the in energy safety, environmental protection, health education, skill development, poverty reduction and other activities for social economic growth. The KESC supposes in contributing to the health of the communities and maintains a wide range of CSR activities in order to help build a batter society for all. Now we are providing the best facility to all the persons got the KESC Duplicate Bill Download and Print Online without any charges.

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