Friday , December 4 2020

Kohe Noor TV Live Watch All Prize Bond Draws Full Lists

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Kohe Noor TV Live to stream and watch online the ALL Prize Bond Draws including Rs. 100, Rs. 200, Rs. 750, Rs. 1500, Rs. 7500, Rs. 15000, Rs. 25000, Rs. 40,000 Premium Prize Bond and Rs. 40000 prize bond draws will be announced by the National Savings of Pakistan on the official website at

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Here you can watch the live broadcasting the whole prize bond lucky draw result series see and read the full lists of latest upcoming draws are declaring the complete list of winners numbers in this Television channel on Koh e Noor TV where you can watch the live transmission on every bond results timing is 09:00 AM O’clock standard time zone of Pakistan and free download the full list of prize bonds.

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Online check the latest draws of this year are balloting of the Central Directorate Government and National Savings of Pakistan is issued the all prize bond lucky draws online internet and published the whole lists in this webpage where you can easily download without any problem.

Kohe Noor News channel where you can read the Latest News, Important News, Pakistan, Sports, Cricket, Football, Hockey, Entertainment, Programs, Schedule, and Live Watch Kohe Noor TV streaming in this page for check the next coming prize bond draw results in this post.

You know that in which cities of Pakistan the prize bond draws are established including these Karachi, Rawalpindi, Lahore, Multan, Peshawar, Faisalabad, Quetta, Muzaffarabad and Hyderabad in which big well-known area’s where the prize bond draws recognized.

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Pal Pal Her Pal Kohe Noor 24/7 News Channel and see the whole lists of prize bonds computerized draws announced by the National Savings of Pakistan only one department who is managing all series of prize bonds.

The prize bond draw schedule 2020 is free to download now on this page at Koh-e-Noor TV I will provide you the link of live prize bond draw streaming check out the under the below for all the visitor’s thanks.

Check ALL 2020 Year Prize Bond Lucky Draws Full Lists Here

Sr.#BondDraw #DateDayCityLinks Below
1Rs. 1500081 02 January 2020ThursdayQuetta Click Here
2Rs. 7508115-Jan-20WednesdayKarachi Click Here
3Rs. 7500813-Feb-20MondayHyderabad Click Here
4Rs. 25000323-Feb-20MondayFaisalabad Click Here
5Rs. 15008117-Feb-20MondayRawalpindi Click Here
6Rs. 1002917-Feb-20MondayPeshawar Click Here
7Rs. 40000 Premium 122-Mar-20MondayMultan Click Here
8Rs. 2008116-Mar-20MondayMuzaffarabad Click Here
9Rs. 15000821-Apr-20WednesdayFaisalabad Click Here
10Rs. 7508215-Apr-20WednesdayHyderabad Click Here
11Rs. 7500824-May-20MondayPeshawar Click Here
12Rs. 25000334-May-20MondayRawalpindi Click Here
13Rs. 15008215-May-20FridayMuzaffarabad Click Here
14Rs. 1003015-May-20FridayLahore Click Here
15Rs. 40000 Premium 131-Jun-20MondayKarachi Click Here
16Rs. 2008215-Jun-20MondayQuetta Click Here
17Rs. 15000832-Jul-20ThursdayHyderabad Click Here
18Rs. 7508315-Jul-20WednesdayMuzaffarabad Click Here
19Rs. 25000343-Aug-20MondayLahore Click Here
20Rs. 7500833-Aug-20MondayFaisalabad Click Here
21Rs. 1003117-Aug-20MondayQuetta Click Here
22Rs. 15008317-Aug-20MondayMultan Click Here
23Rs. 40000 Premium 141-Sep-20TuesdayRawalpindi Click Here
24Rs. 2008315-Sep-20TuesdayPeshawar Click Here
25Rs. 15000841-Oct-20ThursdayMultan Click Here
26Rs. 7508415-Oct-20ThursdayLahore Click Here
27Rs. 25000352-Nov-20MondayPeshawar Click Here
28Rs. 7500842-Nov-20MondayKarachi Click Here
29Rs. 15008416-Nov-20MondayQuetta Click Here
30Rs. 1003216-Nov-20MondayFaisalabad Click Here
31Rs. 40000 Premium 1510-Dec-20ThursdayHyderabad Click Here
32Rs. 2008415-Dec-20TuesdayRawalpindi Click Here

National Savings Pakistan Prize Bond Schedule 2020

What is Prize Bond Scheme?

Prize Bond is a scheme that is running by the government for the well being of human beings that a person who buys a prize bond maybe become a millionaire at that moment because it is a source of getting money easily quickly and automatically. There is no any kind of loss in this scheme because when you buy the prize bond you can return at the same rate to the shopkeeper or you can sell any person in the world with the same prize. Government has announced the prize bond of 100, 200, 750, 1500, 7500, 15000, 25000, 40000, etc. these are available in the banks like United Bank Limited, Punjab Bank, Muslim Commercial Bank, Habib Bank Limited, Allied Bank, Alfalah Bank and State Bank of Pakistan, etc. And these bonds lucky draw will be held on every 15th days in the month. In the first month if the lucky draw will be announced 100 and the next 200 carry on…..

It is the biggest point to dividing the money to the poor persons because in this department the capital is sharing with the others is easy and everybody can get him for becoming a millionaire throughout the rupee of the draw of winners.

Therefore the businessmen and the rich people are purchasing that’s bond in a large number for trying their luck and get the biggest cash prizes from them. That is one reason rich people are becoming wealthy and a common has remained in this poverty place because this selfish humanity is don’t care about anyone in the world.

National Savings of Pakistan has organized the various schemes of prize bonds and now early published on the official website. He has added the more many new prizes in this department because people can demand the other prize bonds include this series. The DG (Director General) of national savings is ready to include the extra series of bonds and change the whole system of this early soon.

State Bank of Punjab and other all the banks of Punjab province and Pakistan are cell and purchase all types of bonds. Every country has the money-making schemes and the famous is for Thailand country in which is called the lottery scheme and also has India or other western countries.

It’s a great challenge for the government to organized the draws after fifteen days in the different cities and locations in which are totally computerized of any greedy therefore that it is a public demand are wants any plate form where they are getting the millions amount of money easily.

How to Check Prize Bond Draw Result Live Watch Kohe Noor TV Channel

Nowadays the prize bond list and its prizes are most popular because its prizes are huge and a thousand persons are attracting him for getting the millions from the scheme of money. Today one media channel is earning much fame throughout the draws live telecasting online Kohe Noor TV Live Watch at Kohinoor TV watch online prize bond draw 2020 link is given below now checking here.