Thursday , June 8 2023

Lahore PDMA Jalsa at Lahore Minar-e-Pakistan Live Updates

Breaking News: It has been reported and officially announced by the Govt of Pakistan that PDMA Jalsa is going to be held in Lahore. Lahore PDMA Jalsa 13 is going to be arranged at Minar e Pakistan Lahore Punjab Pakistan. Get the latest and fresh news about the Jalsa Lahore PDMA Jalsa 13, and get live updates and live to stream online at this website.

Lahore PDMA Jalsa 2020 13 December

It is being seen on social media that there are full swing and a crowd of people at Minar-e-Pakistan Lahore. Get new updates regarding Minare Pakistan Lahore Jalsa 13 Dec on Sunday today at 10 AM. Read here the timetable and schedule of PDMA Jalsa Lahore Minar-e-Pakistan Lahore Punjab Pakistan.

Express tv Lahore PDMA Jalsa 13

It is stated by the authority and administration that Stage of Lahore PDMA Jalsa has been set up on the stairs of Minar e Pakistan whereas all. the chairs and VIVIP sofas are settled in the ground for the fans and supporters of the PDMA Jalsa Pakistan Democratic Movement. (PDM).

On the eve of Lahore PDMA Jalsa, it has been also stated that All boundary walls and trees have been decorated with colorful lights. At the front of the stage, chairs were set up. For this purpose Generators and Vip important Sound systems were settled up In the Pakistan Democratic Movement PDM all political parties and supporters took part in this Jalsa Lahore PDMA Jalsa.

Dunya tv Lahore PDMA Jalsa

Minare Pakistan Lahore Jalsa 13-12- on Sunday was arranged by Pakistan Metropolitan Department. Firstly Opposition Parties reached Jalsa Lahore PDMA they warmed up the atmosphere. Pdma Lahore Jalsa lives watch online with full HD camera result from all changes Geo tv, Ary tv, Express tv & Dunya tv.

Lahore: Breaking News that Govt of Pakistan is not permitted to PDMA to hold Jalsa live to stream. Lahore PDMA Jalsa lives streaming online only will be considered and conducted. Punjab Govt has failed to stop this Jalsa at Lahore. It can not be permitted by the Government of Punjab Pakistan on 13/12/ Sunday.

Stoppage of PDMA Jalsa

Lahore PDMA Jalsa 13 was held on Sunday. It has been reported on social media that Punjab Govt has failed to block and cancel the PDMA Lahore Jalsa. Maryam’s messages for the fan followers of PMLN it is said that Marram Nawaz going to Lahore Minar-e-Pakistan to speech to the audience.

Live Streaming Lahore PDMA Jalsa 13 Minar-e-Pakistan. Online watch Lahore PDMA Jalsa Lahore Jalsa PDMA. Pdma Lahore Jalsa lives to watch online Minare Pakistan Lahore Jalsa 13/12/.

It is to inform you also that before this all parties held PDMA Jalsa at Multan by PMLM, PPP Pakistan Peoples Party and all other parties took place in the Jalsa successfully at Multan region.