Wednesday , December 6 2023

Mini Budget 2023 Pakistan Date Headlines Today

Govt of Pakistan is going to take a big decision to announce the Mini Budget 2023 Pakistan this month. Due to recent financial crises, the Government has announced the bill to increase the tax to achieve the amount target of Rs. 5829 Billion rupees to 6100 Billion rupees. What is Mini Budget 2023 Pakistan What Date to announce Mini-Budget in Pakistan? Govt have decided and approved the bill to apply more taxes next year.

Mini Budget 2021 Pakistan Date Headlines Today

Read what conditions and terms will be applicable to apply tax after announcing Mini Budget 2023 Pakistan. Mini-budget 2023 will be approved on the behalf of terms that were approved by the IMF (International Monetary Fund). Govt Mini Budget 2023 Pakistan Date Headlines Tax Apply to 6100 billion rupees. Government Mini-Budget Pakistan announced with IMF International Monetary Fund condition

Mini Budget 2023 Pakistan Date Headlines

The bill proposes to increase the tax collection target from Rs. 5.829 billion to Rs. 6,100 billion for the current fiscal year, while the proposal to cut development programs by Rs. 200 billion PKR is also part of the amendment bill. Pakistan is required to implement the afore-said steps and fulfill the terms and conditions put forward by the IMF before 12/01/2023, in order to recover more than one billion in installments from the fund.

According to the sources, tax exemptions on mobile phones, stationery, and packaged food are likely to be abolished, while the amendment bill would allow the government to withdraw sales tax exemptions from zero classification as well as exports.

Mini Budget 2023 Pakistan Date Headlines Today by Govt of Pakistan

The draft amendment law is submitted to the National Assembly for approval after the approval of the Federal Council of Ministers. The Prime Minister of Pakistan’s advisor of the Finance department has announced the Mini Budget 2023 Pakistan in the session held at National Assembly.