Monday , September 26 2022

Mobile Phone Service blocked for Chehlum Pakistan for Security Purpose

Every Chehlum is the celebrated to commemorate the Hazrat Imam Hussain (A.A). There are so many festivals and other religious events are observed across Pakistan. So when there is possibility of mass gathering so side by side the fear of any dangerous and displeasant occurred. So Mobile Phone Service will be blocked during the Chehlum of Hazrat Imam Hussain (A.A).

Mobile Phone Service blocked for Chehlum Pakistan for Security Purpose

When an event comes where peoples will be gathered so the District Government started to discuss its arrangements. It is great responsibility of Local Government to well organised management and successfully occurred this event.

Govt blocked Mobile Phone Service Chehlum Pakistan

Government of Pakistan has announced the latest news on starting the month Safar that is Islamic month. The is mega event observed as Chehlam Shareef to commemorate Hazrat Imam AA. On this day it is so important to stop or totally block all network services so that peoples can not connect with each other.

We listen in the news about terrorist and loss of life by currept and traitors of Pakistan country. Govt has announced that mobile services will be totally blocked due to security purposes. By this is mean is to cut the connection and attachment between terrorists and traitors etc.

Govt announced Mobile Phone Service will not be no longer in Pakistan on Chehlum of Hazrat Imam Hussain AS. Govt has dispatched the notification to all telecommunications network to stop the services of calling SMS and even totally disconnect all network.

This is being done only to stop the crime when there will be huge mass gathering and crowd of the peoples on this event Chehlam Shareef of Hazrat Imam Hussain R.A.

Mobile Phone Service blocked during Chehlum in Pakistan