Wednesday , October 27 2021

New Education Police 2021 5th Class

Government of Pakistan School Education Department has announced new notification regarding New education policy for the upcoming year 2021. Read this breaking news for all 5th class students that in the equal education policy all students will be given equal education and study. In the new education policy 2020 Math will be educated in English language in all educational boards of Pakistan. First and second class students will be taught Islamic Subject as compulsory subject in all boards.

New Education Police 2021 5th Class

This is the first Education policy 2021 has been announced by Government of Punjab Pakistan. School Education Department policy new for 1 to 5 classes students in all boards of Punjab Pakistan. It has been announced in City 42 News channel that in the Govt School Math subject will be taught in English from 1 to 5th class students.

-New Education Police 2021 Latest News

  • In the new education policy Math will be taught in English for One to Five class.
  • Islamyat subject will be taught to 1 & 2 classes.
  • 5 Subjects in English and 23 In Urdu language were taught.
  • There were total 28 books till 5th class.
  • There will be total 30 books in the new Education policy 2021.
  • In Urdu 18 and In English 12 books will be taught from this time.
  • General Science, General Knowledge and Social Study books will be in Urdu Language.
  • Before this Islamic Subject were being taught from 3rd class.
  • But now Islamic Subject will be taught from 1 class.
  • There will be 30 books till 5th class in the New education policy 2021.

Read the latest and breaking news regarding Education from 1 to 5 th class. It is informed to all educational boards of Punjab Pakistan that note down and implement it as soon as possible till further order and recommendations. There can be seen so many changes in the Educational subjects and changing in Urdu and English language.

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