Wednesday , October 27 2021

Pakistan eCommerce Awards 2021

This is Pakistan’s first eCommerce Awards 2021 is going to hold. The procedure has been begun and the application are being accepted for Registeration Pakistan eCommerce Awards 2021.¬†This award is being conducted to rejoice the successes, growth and learning opportunities.

Pakistan eCommerce Awards 2021

The main aim to hold the ECommerce Awards to encourage the winners hy wearing crown. The crown is put on the choices given by the Public choice and founder’s choice. There is also available peoples choice awards will be register to vote for 1 company. The awars ceremony will be hosted by profit magzines.

Pakistan eCommerce Awards 2021 Award Catagory

Pakistan eCommerce Awards 2021 was formerly initiated on 04-03-2021. There are 3 awards category in the ECommerce first is Peoples choice awards, 2nd is Public choices and 3rd is founder’s choice.

The founder choices is the category of Awards eCommerce Pakistan. This category is offering Payments gateway, favourite logistic company, online training, favourite logistic company local and national, Favourite store plateform and solution provider local and international.

This is the only founder choices that always arounds in central to recognise the prescribed services provided. The ECommerce company uses different pieces of the technology stack.

There are so many its prestigious partners the collaborate for its functions. These are the name big name some of them Pakistan ECommerce consortium, founder of brandverse, Adam Dawoon and Profit (Pakistan Today) etc.

How to generate votes aseCommerce Company

How to generate votes for Pakistan eCommerce Awards, if you are an ECommerce company and wants to register vote so go to to nominate your comapny. Then install the iframe & download the nominee pack.

Pakistan eCommerce Awards 2021 is the first ceremony going to be initiated in Pakistan. The applicants are invited to submit their application because its registration has been started. This is mega event that has hold the grab attention on its itroduce in march.

Pakistan eCommerce Awards 2021 How to Generate Votes

Pakistan eCommerce Awards 2021 has been started see How to Generate Votes as eCommerce company. ECommerce Awards Pakistan founder choice and public choice.