Saturday , February 29 2020

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The government of Punjab has decided to increase the prices of petrol because The Govt. wants to fulfill requirements and plans about the betterment of the nation and Country. New days the upper-level people will have to purchase petrol with high prices from Saudi Arabia & UAE etc. Pak also imports crude oil from the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait and Qatar in maximum quantity without the demand of Petrol or diesel the country cannot make progress by leaps and bounds because there are too many works which are done by machinery, generators, turbines, vehicle, etc. If petrol will not import by high prices the transport system of the country will also catastrophe & spoil. Petrol prices are minimized or maximized according to the current status & situation and current circumstances of the country. Almost 5 years ago petrol prices in Pakistan were very rare and affordable compared to current rates.

This also happens when the country or government needs more expenditure and expenses to run the system of Country. Today petrol price is being boosted up in Pak. Current petrol price is Rs 98.89 / Ltr. High-speed diesel rate is Rs 117.43 / Liter and Light speed diesel is Rs 80.54 per ltr. Fuels have its multiple types such as Diesel, Kerosene, Liquefied, petroleum Gas LPG, Jet fuel, Gasoline, Butane; Petroleum has a very intense need in industries, organic chemistry it was being used in the synthesis of fertilizers, solvents, plastic. Pesticides and adhesives, technology, economy, and other sectors. There a lot of petroleum including PSO, Attock, Shell, and Ardmore are famous.

Petrol was first produced and used b china in 347 A.D. U.S, Russia, and Saudi Arabia is one of the countries which are known to produce petrol in maximum quantity. OGRA oil and Gas Regulatory Authority determine and control the prices of petroleum. It is common and understood the when petrol rates are increased so the fares for transportation increased and if there remains no change in petrol transport fare also remains the same. Petrol is a naturally liquid item which is founded beneath the land in a little country. It is recovered by using oil drilling mechanism.

Then some other particles involved in it like petrol, kerosene and other chemical regrets all these items are separated from it Pakistan has hydrocarbons in several industries our country imports huge quantity of oil, petroleum and fuel products from Arab countries. Petrol is used for so many purposes. Petrol Prices in Punjab of all petroleum products may go up from Aug 1. The administration of federal has also promulgated a fresh hike in several products prices. Despite increasing Rs. 8 in fuel prices Govt. will further announce to up the all fuel products prices according to the situation.

As we know all the current situation that by increasing the fuel prices people of Pakistan do not agree with the Minister decision the masses want to get back the prices of Petroleum because public is paying too much tax & dues to the Government of Pakistan in the shape of buying all daily usage things like foods, medicine & machinery, etc and also increased the Petrol Price in Pakistan.

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