Tuesday , October 3 2023

PIA Air Safari Flight Price 2023 check Live Updates

This is good news for Pakistani people and travelers who visit abroad. Pakistan Air Lines (PIA) has decided to launch its PIA Air Safari Flight for Pakistani. PIA has launched this inauguration ceremony in Islamabad on Tuesday 01st June 2021. The PIA Safari Flights started to promote tourism in Pakistan. In this regard From 12th June 2021, Pakistan Airlines has decided to resume operating the flights.

PIA Air Safari Flight Price

Pakistan Airlines is going to start and regulate their services named PIA Air Safari Flight from this month June 12/06/2021. Pakistan has the most attractive and elegant highest peaks and visiting places in the country. So upon enabling the services people inside and outside the country will be able to see and visit the most attractive place of the highest peak located at Gilgit Baltistan.

PIA Air Safari Flight  Schedule

As reported by the PIA spokesperson PIA Safari Flights will start from Islamabad to Skardu. It has also been declared what the charges of a one-way flight. PIA spokesperson person says that Rs. 25000/- will be the worth of PIA Air Safari Flight from Islamabad to Skardu etc.

Visitors will be able to see the beautiful views of Jheel Saiful Malook, Nanga Parbat, Kalam, K2 mountains, etc. The airline will travel over these mountains it show you the best view of these beautiful and most visited places.

PIA Air Safari Flight Price: Rs. 25000/- one side

PIA Air Safari Flight Schedule: It will be run once a week.

PIA Air Safari Flight Route: It will cross over the most visited and beautiful places like Jheel Saiful Malook, Nanga Parbat, Kalam, K2, etc.

The administration authority of this service has said that all arrangements have been made and are ready to fly starting from 12-06-2021. This is another vision of Prime Minister Pakistan Imran Khan to promote tourism in the country.

See what is the PIA Air Safari Flight price, route, and schedule of this service in Pakistan. It is reported by the PIA spokesperson that according to the schedule it is recommended that PIA Safari Airlines will be operated once a week.

PIA Air Safari Flight Price Route Schedule & Tickets

PIA Air Safari Flight Price Route Schedule & Tickets that are being started from 12th June 2021. Visitors will view the Jheel Saiful Malook, Nanga Parbat, Kalam, and K2 by flying over by PIA Safari Flights.