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Pm Loan Scheme Business Plans Smeda Free Download 2018

Pm Loan Scheme Plans 2013

1 Engineering and Manufacturing
  1. Engineering Workshop
  2. Furniture Manufacturing Unit
  3. Hand Made Carpet & Rugs
  4. Injection Molding Plastic Products
  5. Leather Goods Manufacturing Unit
  6. Roof Tiles Manufacturing Unit
  7. Steel Products Welding
  8. UPS and Stabilizer Assembling Unit
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2 Information Technology
  1. Animation Production Facility
  2. Internet Café
  3. Medical Transcription


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3 Agriculture & Food Processing
  1. Cut Flower Farm
  2. Cut Flower Farm – Rose
  3. Off Season Vegetables (High tunnel)
  4. Off Season Vegetables (Low tunnel)
  5. Fodder Production & Trading Co.
  6. Honey Production, Processing, Packaging & Marketing
  7. Pickle Production, Processing, Packaging & Marketing
  8. Rose Water
  9. Seed Oil Extraction Unit
  10. Spices Processing, Packing & Marketing


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4 Livestock
  1. Calf Fattening
  2. Camel Farming
  3. Dairy Farm
  4. Goat Fattening Farm
  5. Inland Fish Farming
  6. Layer Farming
  7. Meat Shop (Mutton and Beef)
  8. Poultry Farm
  9. Sheep Fattening Farm
  10. Shrimp Farming
  11. Veterinary Clinic
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5 Food
  1. Bakery & Confectionery
  2. Catering & Decorating Services
  3. Restaurant Cum Fast Food (Take Away)
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6 Services
  1. Beauty Clinic
  2. Boutique (Women Designer Wear)
  3. Day Care Center
  4. Direct Marketing
  5. Driving School
  6. Florist Shop
  7. Footwear Retail Outlet
  8. Gaming Zone
  9. Interior Decoration
  10. Medical Store
  11. Montessori School
  12. Security Agency
  13. Whole Sale / Distribution Agency
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7 Minerals
  1. Gems Stone Lapidary
  2. Marble & Onyx Products Manufacturing
  3. Marble Mosaic Development Center
  4. Marble Tiles Manufacturing Unit
  5. Salt Products Manufacturing Unit
  6. Stone Crushing
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Guidelines on Developing an effective Business Plan 2018

1.      What is a Business Plan

a.      It is the face of your business; Functions like a magnet, attracting your clients, investors and strategic partners.

b.      It is a living document; You should review it with every change in external and / or internal factors.

2.      Why does the applicant need a Business Plan

a.      Read the first page of Business Plan Template; explaining the importance of a business plan for any business.

b.      First step for fine tuning your ideas for practical implementation into a functioning business.

c.       Acts as a ‘How to’ guide for running your business.

d.      Helps you map options for best and worst case scenarios.

3.      How to develop a Business Plan

a.      Know your business: Market research, product / service, target customer.

b.      Create your identity: Company/ Business mission, vision.

c.       Structure your thoughts: Write your Business Plan. (Refer to Table of content of Template)

       4.      Key features of a good Business Plan

            Think about the following before and after you’ve written every section:

a.      Description of your project and product. (Refer to Sec II of BPT)

b.      Marketing Plan: Product, customer profile, distribution channel and proposed location, pricing, promotion and advertising. (Refer to Sec III               of BPT)

c.       Operational Plan: Production, location, Inventory, Credit, Payables. (Refer to Sec IV of BPT)

d.      Management and Organization: Competitive strengths, Legal form and structure. (Refer to Sec V)

e.      Startup Expenses and Capitalization: Estimating costs of Pre-Operations, Contingencies and unforeseen. (Refer to Sec VI)

f.        Financial Plan: Recommend using professional help for Income Statement, Balance Sheet and Cash flow. Help may be sought from Financial                  Calculator available on SMEDA website. (Ref to Sec VII)

g.      Appendices: Advice on appending useful written materials to Business Plan. (Refer to Sec VIII)

h.      Refining the Plan: Advice on how to create a plan specifically suited to applicants business. (Refer to Sec IX)

5.      Who will develop a Business Plan

a.      The entrepreneur may use professional help, however it is advisable to DO IT YOURSELF

b.      Technical advice from private sector experts/Govt. institutions, listed on SMEDA website

6.      How SMEDA can help

a.      Provide guidelines and explain how to develop a Business Plan. Refer to a related Pre-feasibility

b.      Refer to government institutions, private sector experts / institutions, secondary resource materials, SMEDA website.

Business Plan Development Services

Business Plan development services is one of the key services provided to enable existing as well as potential investors to make well researched and informed investment decisions.

What Is A Business Plan?

Business plan is a comprehensive document that enables a business to define its objectives, identify critical areas of operations, design relevant strategies and prepare financial forecasts.

Business plans, contrary to popular belief, are not only meant for new businesses but are equally important for better management of existing businesses. The document must represent realistic and practical information based on authentic and current data. A business plan is not a ‘stagnant’ document and must be reviewed and updated periodically.

A business plan provides a multitude of benefits, serving as a tool for; communication to secure investment & loans and attract strategic business partners, management to track and evaluate progress and planning to guide the entrepreneurs through a business’ life cycle.

What We Provide In A Business Plan?

A standard business plan provides information and recommendations on key business areas including market size and growth projections, most suitable management structure, technology and machinery selection, comprehensive financial analysis with projections and business strategic options. However, please remember that your business plan is exclusively yours and will be custom prepared to meet your objectives.

Our Experience

At SMEDA, we have access to one of the finest human resource pool available in the country. Individual team comprising of a team leader, financial expert and technical expert is assigned to each business plan.  Our business plan development team has so far successfully completed business plans for a diverse range of business sectors including, Textiles, Agriculture, Information Technology, Automobiles, Light Engineering, Healthcare, Education, and many more. 

How Can You Avail This Facility?

SMEDA provides business plan development services at highly subsidized rates for SMEs. If you are an SME entrepreneur with a new business idea or you are planning to expand your existing business set up, you simply have to fill up a Project Brief Form available at any of our offices.

How much will it Cost?

Fee for development of business plan is Rs. 35,000 or 1% of the total investment size of the project for which business plan is being developed, whichever is higher.

SMEDA’s Business Plan Development Case Studies

  • Absorbent Cotton
  • Alum Manufacturing
  • Auto Bulb Manufacturing Unit
  • Automobile Showroom & Service Workshop
  • Baby Diapers Mfg. Unit
  • Beacon House Informatics (Franchising)
  • Bus Stand
  • Calf Fattening for 500 animals
  • CNG Filling Station
  • Construction Company
  • Cotton Towels Manufacturing
  • Cutlery Institute of Pakistan – UNIDO
  • Dairy Farms
  • Denim Jeans Stitching Unit
  • Disposable Syringes
  • Edible oil Processing and Marketing
  • Electric Goods
  • Embroidery Unit
  • Environmental Controlled Poultry Farm (33250 birds)
  • Environmental Controlled Poultry Farm (35000 birds)
  • Fan & Deep Freezer Motor Manufacturing
  • Fan Guard Manufacturing
  • Flour Mill (8 Roller Bodies)
  • Franchised Car Showroom
  • Fruit Irradiation Services
  • Fruit Juice Manufacturing Unit
  • Fruit Processing Plant
  • Gasket Manufacturing Unit
  • Goat Farming
  • Green House
  • Gujranwala Display Center
  • Heat Exchanger & Air conditioning Equipment
  • High School
  • Hospital
  • Imperial Engineering
  • Iodized Salt Manufacturing and Marketing
  • ISP
  • IT College
  • Knitting
  • Label Weaving
  • Lingerie Stitching
  • Motorcycle Assembly Plant
  • Pay Phone Manufacturing
  • Readymade Garments Outlet
  • Restaurant
  • Rice Processing
  • Rose farming (cut flower farming)
  • Rubber Tyre & Tube Manufacturing Plant
  • Schiffli Embroidery Unit
  • Setting up an Abattoir
  • Socks Knitting Unit (10 Machines)
  • Socks Knitting Unit (50 Machines)
  • Socks Knitting Unit (70 Machines)
  • Socks Manufacturing Unit
  • Strategic Planning for Rastgar & Company
  • Textiles
  • Trade Centre
  • Value-added Barfi Manufacturing Unit (Caramal Fudge)
  • Virtual Learning Institute
  • Yarn dyeing unit