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Punjab Private School E-License Registration Online

The Punjab govt has announced the latest news and notification regarding the launching of Private School E-License Registration 2023 for this purpose has been started now to learn the simple method of how to apply and eligibility criteria for online registration for all Private Schools working for the purposes of Educational activities. Now, Govt has given and created the opportunity to register all private schools and institutions with the Government sector through the online E-License system of Govt of Punjab Pakistan.

Punjab Private School E-License Registration Online

See what Private School E-License is and how to work on also learn the easy steps on how to register a private school in Punjab Pakistan. All owner of educational school and institute has been offered free online registration at this portal till March 2023. For this purpose, there is a facility available to submit the Private school registration fee and charges through an online system.

Terms of Private School E-License Registration

  • Govt of Punjab will prepare all the information that will be uploaded about the Private School E-License Registration.
  • All the information can be used according to the base of need.
  • Private school fees will be submitted online.
  • This is a free offer for all Educational institution owners to register their private institute free of cost not more than 2023.

The Online E Licence system has been inaugurated to register all private schools/institutes with the online system of the Punjab Government. This is an upgraded framework for the registration of E-license Private Schools. Govt has initiated another big step for the digitization of the data of all private sector working for educational activities.

Private School E-License Registration 2020

How to Apply for Private School E-License Registration 2023 Read the terms and conditions. What are the benefits of Private School Online Registration? Private school registration fee and registration online.

All matters and educational activities of the private sector will be managed and regulated through this system of Govt. All the owners will be bound to follow the rules and terms regulated by the Provincial government. Read below how this system will help the parents and students.

What is the benefit of a Private School E-License Registration e License Punjab?

  • According to new legislation, rules, and regulations, it has been signed that first the law was signed by the owners, and govt the owner will not be charged extra and can not increase the fee to the parents of children.
  • The owner will not compel the parents of the students to wear their wilful uniform submit extra fees and purchase books for Private School E-License Registration. 
  • Parents of students will launch complaints in case of any harassment or facing any other issues and problems.
  • Visit the link for Pepris online registration (Click Here)

Dr. Mirad Ras who is the minister of Education in Punjab has participated in the inaugural ceremony of Private School E-License Registration 2023 Online Private School registration. The Education Minister addressed the speech and said in this ceremony that these services will help the owners of the Private sector to register their institutions with the provincial government. Sign up

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