Thursday , January 26 2023

PTA IMEI Mobile Number Free Registration Online

How to Register PTA IME Mobile No Free Registration


Everyone and My Name is Mazmal Hussein Today I will tell you about the PTA IMEI Mobile Number Registration. If your cell phone is not registered with PTA, you’re smart phone will be closed on October 20 but the administration was extended the last date for customers.

You will not be able to use your mobile phone. You will not be able to make any money or SMS with your family, your home will be left untouched and you will not be able to take advantage of it. The e-mail will be shut down and you’ll be able to tell you if your home is registered with PTA or not, make it your family members, your friends and friends. Save your father from the bondage of the blood of the people who have been given to you. The purpose of your family is to be given to you.

They come out with duplicate or smuggling, they put a duplicate IMEI number like this. If you have any problems with your neighbor then they will be closed after two months. You cannot use it. I will tell you about the full registration unit of your website that you can register your home first. You should first know your mobile IMEI number. Who are you different from your parents?

PTA IMEI Mobile Number Introduced 03 Ways for Registration

The IMEI number of e-mail can be the first one to be written on the back side of your web site or if you do not write it, you cannot open your Dialer Do not worry if it is *#06# When you try it, you will be advised to IMEI if you are using dual SIMs. Two IMEIs will be able to see D because every SIM has its own unique IMEI, or any device that can be used in the same way is IMEI harmful if your There is a watch in which SIM can be used as well It is a good IMEI code to make it new to someone else’s food when you get your own.

You can register your mobile phone with the first step. The first way you can get your mobile Through SMS, you can also verify it by 8484 at the same time as your email registers whether you are notified in an SMS to indicate that your email is registered or No, it will take you 2 or 3 rupees. This is a Streaming Charger.

The second of PTA IMEI Mobile Registration then check here free online. Otherwise, if you do not want to pay the money, then the pta has set an app to help you with your mobile phone. You can register You have to download the DVS name app from your mobile phone store and install it and install it after you have to open it. You will not enter your SIM bus by clicking it and clicking on the check button, when you click the check button, you will see your stats in front of you. The E-mail interface will look like your email is not registered.

And the third way is that you can register with the PTA website. You have not opened any browser of your mobile phone and you do not have the DIRBS heading your PTA official link If you have to click on it, you’ll lose a new page in front of it, and you’ll see a PTA bar, in which you do not enter the check button and click on the check button so see all the inflammation your email address will not be registered.

If you do not register for your web site, you will not have access to this Web site and have a link to the DIRBS FAQS on its Right Side. Click here if you do not have a new one Judge will open in that you will have a link to the message on the LEFT side-by-side clicking on it will not appear if you see the type of message in which you will see the type of message you will see in it. You will be able to read it well.


How to PTA Mobile Registration IMEI Number

For your kind information for the viewers then you can send messages then that’s 04 types replies are coming and see this details. For PTA IMEI Mobile Number Registration Online Here:

Message Explanation Action
IMEI is compliant (PTA Approved) This message indicates that the mobile device is PTA compliant. You can use this mobile device and continue receiving network services without any issue. Your mobile device is genuine and no action required using it…
Device IMEI is Valid. Insert SIM and make a call/SMS to anyone for auto registration. This message indicates that your IMEI of your mobile device is valid as it is GSMA approved, but it is not PTA compliant. To facilitate such users, PTA will auto register all such IMEIs which are observed on Network, their status will be compliant. In order to auto-register all the IMEIs related to this mobile device, it is advised to do any revenue generating activity i.e. make a call, send a SMS or use mobile internet. In dual (or more) SIM mobile device(s), revenue generating activity must be made through each SIM slot in order to be auto registered.
Device IMEI is non-compliant. Please insert all your SIMs in this device and use them to continue using this device. This message indicates that your mobile device IMEI is either not allocated by GSMA or it is duplicated. To facilitate such users, PTA will auto pair all such IMEIs which are observed on Network with specific SIMs. In order to auto pair all the IMEIs related to this mobile device, it is advised to do at-least one revenue generating activity from all SIMs you want to use in this mobile device, i.e. make a call, send a SMS or use mobile internet from your SIM(s). In dual (or more) SIM mobile device(s), revenue generating activity must be made using all the SIM slots for the mobile device(s) to be auto paired.
Device IMEI is blocked. Reported stolen. This message indicates that your IMEI is blocked as this IMEI has been reported stolen earlier. If you are the one who has reported this mobile device as stolen/lost earlier and now it is recovered, then contact PTA/CPLC to unblock your mobile device.