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PTA Orders Telcos to Stop All Kind of Voice and SMS Packages

PTA Orders Telecoms to Stop All Kind of All Voice and SMS Packages 2013

Breaking News PTA (Pakistan Telecommunication Authority) Orders Telecoms to Stop All King of Voice and SMS Packages 29th August 2013. PTA ordered telecom operators to dis-continue Voice and SMS Packages.

Therefore, it is now emerging that only Voice and SMS Chat Rooms are to get blocked and the usual SMS Bundles and Voice Bundles that Telecom Companies offer are going to reamain intact.

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority has directed all telecom operators to dis-continue all kind of voice and SMS bundles that are offered for any time of the day.

Telecom companies are asked to stop all kind of Voice and SMS bundles, that include daily, weekly, fortnightly and monthly packages by 2nd September 2013 and submit a compliance report to the authority.

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