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Remdesivir Drug for COVID-19 in Pakistan

Remdesivir Drug Effective for Coronavirus Patients

Islamabad: The Special Assistant of the Prime Minister Health Dr. Zafar Mirza has announced on Friday 15th May 2020 Coronavirus Remdesivir Drug in Pakistan pharmaceutical company has started manufacturing within 08 weeks.

Pakistani Ferozsons Company has a license to make this great adviser medicine for preventing the people stuck in the COVID-19 disease.

The American pharmaceutical Gilead and other five generic companies in Pakistan and India make to build up the medicines for 127 countries to help out the people who were caught in the dangerous disease.

Coronavirus Drug Remdesivir COVID-2019 in Pakistan

What is Remdesivir Drug?

Remdesivir is an antiviral medicine that treats Ebola after gaining a license from Gilead US-based company it is proved that it was fighting against Coronavirus patients. It is taken through the IV line to the infected people it was beneficial in the starting 10 days from the symptoms of the COVID-19.

How to Get Remdesivir?

When the oxygen level is very low in a patient of coronavirus then the Remdisivir is given to the person because that medicine Remdesivir is a limited supply available because now very low companies are started to become the manufacturing the prevent anti door drug.

The FDA is given the agreement to creation of the Remdesivir vaccine to help out the human beings that were caught in deadly disease of this modern age it is a name of Coronavirus.

The antiviral drug COVID-2019 is proved benefitted for this deadly virus is spreading in the universe.  The Coronavirus medicine is early available to manufacturing within 02 months in Pakistan.

The CEO Usman Khalid Waleed of Ferozsons Laboratory said that we will sell this drug soon to the people at a low price.

In the whole of South Asia, Gilead and five generic pharmaceutical companies have licenses to make the Remdesivir medicine now it was effective in American hospitals to a large extent.

Now-a-day about 4,649,079 patients are confirmed in the Corona Virus and 309,047 are total deceased from this disease. Good News for the Coronavirus Patients Remdesivir Antidoor Drug medicine is useful for everyone infected persons of COVID-19.

Antivirual Coronavirus Remdesivier Drug in Pakistan