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Rescue 1122 Nankana Sahib Flood Operation River Ravi 2020

Rescue 1122 Nankana Sahib Rescue Flood Operation in River Ravi 2020

I have complete information of flood operation in District Nankana Sahib on River Ravi our rescuers 1122 trying to evacuation people in the destroyed villages from the flood affected areas 2020.

Rescue 1122 in Punjab Pakistan Rescuers good work in Flood Areas like the villages Jag Da Chak, Sheikh Da Tube Well, Jattan Da Wara, Harry, Hallan Khichian, Haft Modder, Hakeeman Da Wara, Thatha Goraya, Jeven Pura, Kot Sarwar, Kari Raheemulla, Halla Sayeda, Bachokay Paar, Choki Wazir Pur and Sayed Wala are all villages affected by flood in now-a-days and District Nankana Sahib Rescuers Continue Rescue Operation in these areas. They helped the 1098 people in evacuation from these affected areas 19 August 2020. 

flood affected picturesNankana Sahib 40 Rescuers helps those flood affected people in these places with five boats include one rent boat and one ambulance for serving people.

In the villagers 4000 population affected by flood monsoon rains August 2020 and the D.C.O and the DO of Nankana Sahib Rescue 1122 also visits the affected places and help these people to evacuate the flood villages to save places.

Rescue operation in flood areas

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