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Rescue 1122 Service Structure Punjab Act Complete Details

Punjab Rescue 1122 Service Structure Details

Govt. Employees Rescue 1122 Service Structure Updates

The Punjab Emergency Service Rescue 1122 Service Structure is approved for the whole government employees under The Punjab ACT, the rules and conditions according this article from starting the job to the end includes entire benefits of Pensions, Medical, Appointment, Savings and promotions on the qualification bases. The Rescue 1122 was established before under the Punjab Emergency Service Act 2006 and then it was starting the regular functioning in the District Lahore after getting the success the Director General Dr. Rizwan Naseer is spread this life savings force to the all province of Punjab and in the total 36 district the fabulous save the suffering from trouble humanity and now carry on. Now the Punjab Government have been imposed on rescue 1122 with immediate affect. 

Now this time after the 14th years the Rescue 1122 Structure is going to complete and early soon implementing in the whole Pakistan and the new candidates is trained well according to the rules and regulations of this Act that was the administration of includes Additional Chief Secretary Khawaja Shamail Ahmad is issued on today 27th September, 2017 the notification of 1122 rescue structure for the all persons of the helping force. Such that is a really a dreamful energy of our country to arrived in those places where the dangerous hazards is come when the brave man arrived in few minutes average response time of 07 minutes in the cities and at the same time start getting out of trouble playing on your life.

Download The Punjab Rescue 1122 Live Saving Force Structure

They give many life’s during commerce the fire emergency, medical first aid ambulances, drowning case, crime, miscellaneous, disaster management, road traffic accident, flood evacuation, special rescue water operation, building collapse and oil gas cylinder explosion emergencies in the whole Punjab province and  yet these gross net total calls and emergencies are dealing under the below read details.

  • Total Received Calls:
  • 100231420
  • Emergency Calls:
  • 4477850
  • Road Accidents:
  • 1641741
  • Medical:
  • 2152474
  • Fire:
  • 99722
  • Building Collapse:
  • 7082
  • Crime Incidents:
  • 164044
  • Drowning:
  • 9097
  • Blast / Explosion:
  • 1380
  • Misc.
  • 402310
  • Fake Calls:
  • 4039
  • Patient Rescued & Hospitalized:
  • 5150431

This report is 10/10/2004 to 21/09/2017 till and now continue.

Updates of Rescue 1122 Service Structure is announced the Chief Minister Mian Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif for employee of The Leading Emergency Service of Pakistan the people is know the Punjab Emergency Service Lahore. The PMC (Punjab Monitoring Cell) is offering a great rule in this department and it was surveillance to the all district control rooms by the IP Camera’s are installed in the all of us districts and can’t be sleeping the workers in their duty especially in night and given the best rule for help the humorous humanity of our nation. You can download Punjab Act PDF Notification Urdu here. 

The visitors you can free check online and free download full details of Punjab Rescue 1122 Service Structure of (kpk) Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Rescue 1122, Baluchistan, Sindh and Peshawar online the official website at and the news channels also uploaded the full story like Geo New, Express, Dunya, ARY, SAMA and City 42 TV Live Transmission for the people can watch under the below:

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There are staff working in the department of 1122 Rescue including the list is giving below check it here the description of Jobs in Pakistan Rescue 1122 under the Punjab.

  • Director General (DG)
  • Director Administrator (DA)
  • Provincial Monitoring Cell Officer (PMCO)
  • Head of Finance Wing
  • Head of Management & Operations Wing
  • Head of Human Resource Wing
  • Head of Law Wing Head of Planning & Development Wing
  • Head of Repair & Maintenance Wing
  • Budget & Accounts Officer
  • Purchase Officer
  • EO Procurement
  • Emergency Officer (P&D)
  • Emergency Officer (R&M)
  • Research Officer (RO)
  • Transport Maintenance Inspector (TMI)
  • Emergency Services Academy (Thokar Niaz Baig, Lahore)
  • Assistant Director (AD)
  • Wireless Technician (WT)
  • Accountant & Assistant Accountant (AA)
  • District Emergency Officer (DEO)
  • Emergency Officer Operations (EO)
  • Rescue Safety Officer (RSO)
  • Control Room Incharge (CRI)
  • Station Coordinator (SC)
  • Shift Incharge (SI)
  • Lead Fire Rescuer (LFR)
  • Computer Telephone Wireless Operator (CTWO)
  • Emergency Medical Technician (EMT)
  • Dert Rescuer (DR)
  • Fire Rescure (FR)
  • Maintenance Transport (MT)
  • Rescue Driver (LTV)
  • Naib Qasid (NQ)
  • Sweeper (SW)
  • Sanitary Worker
  • Security Quard (SG)

Now early upcoming new Rescue 1122 Jobs 2018  soon for the people of the Punjab in the Pakistan and the good news is the service structure is approved for the all Government Employees are working in the platform.

The Express Newspapers, The Dawn, The Nation, Nawa-i-waqt, Dunya, The News and Newspapers also uploading the filled information of Rescue 1122 Jobs 2018 advertisement or application form and the other matters new updates and specially the Service Structure Rescue 1122 for the people and employers in this always carry forward to struggle hard for provided the latest information about the Punjab Emergency Life Saving Rescue 1122 Service Structure description here read online.

The Main Topics of The PUNJAB Rescue 1122 Service Structure and Promotions Retirement

The main heading & highlights of Punjab Rescue 1122 Service Structure are listed below….

Short title, application and commencement.
• Definitions.
• Terms and conditions.
• Appointments.
• Probation.
• Confirmation.
• Seniority.
• Promotion.
• Postings and transfers.
• Termination of service.
• Reversion to a lower post.
• 11-A. Certain persons to be liable to removal or reversion.
• Retirement from service.
• Employment after retirement.
• Conduct.
• Efficiency and discipline.
• Pay.
• Leave.
• Pension and gratuity.
• Provident fund.
• Benevolent Fund and Group Insurance.
• Right of appeal or representation.