Wednesday , July 6 2022

Sindh Govt. Forgives Electricity, Gas Water Bills to Public

Sindh Government Waived Electricity Gas Water Bills

Sindh Government Forgives Electricity Gas Water Bills to Public

Dunya News (Islamabad) Sindh Government Forgives Electricity Gas Water Bills to the public can’t pay unlawful. According to the crisis situation in Karachi and the whole of Pakistan the current lockdown due to Coronavirus outbreak then the Chief Minister of Murad Ali Shah is decided after following the members of the consultation of the committee.

That public administration is tolerating the entire expenses. The legal law sector is sending the draft ordinance to the governor of Sindh for approval under the article of 128 illegitimate in Pakistan that was applying from 01st April 2020.

The power division of the Sindh is clear that the notification is issued for waived electricity, gas, and water bills for everyone by the federal and provincial governments.

At that time, it was very important to make that decision that is how we survived many problems. Daily Coronavirus cases increasing in Pakistan and now it was crossed the 5000 figure and it was really a bad situation for all of us.

Today in Karachi the management is fully lockdown 12 union councils for preventing the spreading of the coronavirus in other cities so the public transportation is totally closed for the better health of the citizens of province Sindh.

It was announced Sindh Coronavirus Emergency Relief Ordinance in which was providing the same relief to the public. The following details are explained below check now.

  • Those customers used 260 units of the electricity bill is waived off
  • And those are used 261 to 350 units then 25% bill is pardon
  • In the last consumers those were using 351 to 450 units then 50% is let off
  • For the commercial area, shop rent is less than 10,000 then pay only 50% rent.
  • Those persons are shop rent is more than 10,000 then it will pay full rent.
  • 50,000 rent shops will be exempt from this Ordinance.

The official is also passed the draft of the Coronavirus Relief Ordinance in which the private school’s jurisdiction is reduced their summer holidays fees 20% to the parents. They can’t take 80% fees from the people accordingly the Sindh Government is an announcement in April 2020 for upcoming days.

So this is a great step is taken by the Sindh Government Forgives Electricity Gas Water Bills to the public from April 2020 to onward for the next day’s unconstitutional in Pakistan.