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Singer Haroon Rashid and Farwa Hussain Marriage Pictures

Haron Rashid Marriage Ceremony PicturesPakistani Singer Haroon Rashid and Farwa Hussain Marriage Pictures

Haroon Rashid and Farwa Hussain Marriage Pictures are viral on social media. The great producer, director, and song music composer has got Nikah with the Farwa Newscaster on News-Capital, 7 News, and Such TV on these television news channels is performed their work. Famous rock Singer Haroon Rashid was born in London and the date of birth is 11th May 1973. The wedding ceremony of Haroon with Farwa Nikah Pictures is leaked now.

Farwan Hussain with Husband Wedding Pictures

It is a British based pop singer but now worked in Pakistan as a singer. It was started their carrier from London and after getting the most success from Wembley then it was reached in our country and continued their profession. Now that time it was making a lot of music songs, productions, and writing a popular and high hit music for the public. Its albums of the Awaz is much very famous in other countries.

Farwa Engagement Pictures Haroon Rashid

Haroon Rashid Biography

Name:    Haroon Rashid

Age:        47 Years

Occupation:    Singer, Musician, Producer, and Composer

Date of Birth:   May 11, 1973

Education:        Washington 

Spouse:             Farwa

Genres:             Pop Singer

Birth Place:       UK

Nationality:      Pakistani

Album:             Jado Ka Charagah, Haron Ka Nasha and Much More

Movies:            Burka Avenger…

TW SHow:       Burka Avenger

Facebook Id:   @haroon.rashid

Twitter Id:       @TheRealHaroon

Beautiful Haroon Rashid Wife Pictures Marriage

Haron Rashid Marriage Ceremony Pictures

Farwa Hussain Biography 

Name:                     Farwa

Husband Name:    Haroon Rashid

Occupation:           Newscaster

Date of Birth:         18th May 1992

Age:                        26 Years

Address:                Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan

Profession:            Such TV, Capital, and 7 News Channel

Salary:                   2 to 3 Lakhs

Beautiful Haroon Rashid and Farwa Hussain Marriage Pictures

Both of them the newscaster Farwa and Haroon Rashid Wedding Pictures the Nikkah Ceremony is held on 30th June, 2020 in the Islamabad where there some friends are entering to celebrating the event and enjoyed their self due to Corona situation. They were invited only few close relatives and friends in the function of Singer Haroon Rashid and Farwa Nikah Pictures Images Free Download the great occasion of the life of Farwa Hussain Marriage Pictures with Haron Rashid the Best Singer of Pakistan.